Police Sergeant Francis Charles Wood

Entry for Francis Charles Wood in The Register of Rural Constabulary . (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 8235)
Back row from left to right: Police Constable Hiron (Kemble), Police Constable Greengrass (Tetbury), Police Constable Poulton (South Cerney), Police Constable Wood (Fairford), Police Constable Antell (Cirencester) Police Constable Hands (North Cerney) . Middle Row left to right: Police Constable Cleavely (South Cerney); Police Constable Core (Sapperton); Police Constable Baskett (Tetbury); Police Constable Bullock (Cirencester); Police Constables Aston and Durant (Lechlade); Police Constables Ball, Hamblin, Corbett (Cirencester). Front row left to right: Police Sergeant Smith (Tetbury); Police Sergeant Neville and Superintendent Webb (Cirencester); Police Sergeant Jenkins (Fairford); Police Constable Long (Bibury. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2309)
Gloucestershire officers at Tonypandy miners strike 1910-11. Back Row from left to right: Police Constables William Clarke; Charles Coldicott; William Fry; Arthur Ewans; Francis Wood; Henry Boulton; Charles Betteridge; Harold Thompson. Middle row left to right: Police Constables William Hands; Ralph Crook; Alfred Tennant; Charles Bull; James Case; George Wickham; William Merrett, Henry Mainstone; William Bayliss; Percy Bowrey; William Pinnions. Seated left to right: Police Constables William Strawford; Henry Strickley; Police Sergeant Robinson, Inspector Dennis; Police Constables Hubert Stephens, Harold Illes. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1385)
Francis Charles Wood 1884-1974 Collar number 41 Taken before World War 1. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 8232)
Photograph from Angela Gurney
Members of Gloucestershire Constabulary who voluntarily joined the Army. (First World War) Constables J. A. Price (1),W. H. Windsor (2),W. G. Lewton (3). C.R. Harding (4). H. J. Surrett (5). C. T. Rogers (6). A. A. Willis (7). A. C. Spragg (8). P. W. Teal (9). S. Cooper (10). W. H. Hayward (11). F. Parsloe (12). H. W .Miles (13). A. Toms (14). W. G. Howkins (15). C. Holmes(16). S.Dovey (17). A. Ford (18). P. Nightingale (19). R. Dike (20). G. F. Tremlin (21). E. J. Brant (22). E. Young (23). G. Williams (24). P. H. Weekes (25). W. J. Francis (26). L.C. J. Reubinson (27). A. Perry (28). W. Smith (29). G. H. Dowsell (30). H. F. Illes (31). W. L. Dascombe (32). E. H. Towell (33). C. Coldicott (34). G. H. Smith (35). G. Palmer (36). Police Sergeant A.G. Wayman (37). Constables A. E. Garner (38). E. W .Price (39). H. J. Wilcox (40). S. W. Wickham (41). J. McKnight (42). W. Pugh (43). R. Rowland (44). T. F. Holland (45). J. C. Coldicutt (46). S. G. Hunt (47). R.J. Newport (48). J. Lacey (49). (Mr) F. E. Goodchild (50), Mr Brooke (51). Police Sergeant Pollard (52). Police Constables C. E. Wintle (53). F. J. Corbett (54). F. Gardiner (55). F. T. Knight (56). P. Phelps (57). W. H. Britton(58). H. L .Thompson (59). A. W. Hopkins (60). A. H. Roberts (61). W. T. Fry(62). A. H. Green (63). G. H. Beard (64). J. Hobday (65). H. G. Holder (66). H. Creed (67). W. J. Lafford (68). C. Beddis (69). R. C. Hayward (70). E. Hayward (71). T. Wigmore (72). W. C. Smith (73). E. Bunker (74). Mr Lane (75). Sergeant Major C. Jones (76). Police Constable C. Bull (77). Inspector B. Butt (78). Superintendents J .Dennis (79). E. Selwood (80). T. Griffin (81). Deputy Chief Constable W. Harrison (82). Mr Priday (83). Mr E. T. Gardom (84). Archdeacon Scobell (85). Sir R. A. Lister (86). Mr. M. W. Colchester-Wemyss (87). Mr J. Bruton (88). Mr. Stamford-Hutton (89). Mr. J E Rawlings (90). Superintendents Y. Sainsbury (91). A. W. Hopkins (92). J. B. Biggs (93). F. S. Phelps (94). E. Cooke (95). R. H. Hopkins (96). Police Constables C. S.Gowing (97). V. I. James (98). Ex Police Constable Hayward (99). Mr C. E. Clarke (100). Police Constable H. Boulton (101). F. Dobbins (102). J. W. Jeffries (103). G. Packer (104). D. Townsend(105). W. F. Bayliss (106). E. S. Harding (107). W. E. Wakefield (108). J .Lippett (109). F. C. Carter (110). T. H. Bourton (111). J. H. Pockett (112). R. Maynard (113). W. J. Neal (114). E. R. Ferryman (115). T. Mitchell (116). Mr T. Curtis (117). Police Constables S. A. Gamble (118). J. H. D. Coates (119). H Vickeridge (120). H. C. Miles (121). Major S.S. Champion 122). Police Constables S. G. Gwinnell (123). W. Coles (124). W. S. Shute (125). J. W. Ireland (126). F. C. Wood (127). A. C .H. Sollars (128). F. Wearing (129). H. Widdows (130). L. Edwards (131). H. Hayward(132). (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 80)
Francis Charles Wood 1884-1974 Collar number 241. Taken after World War 1. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 8233)
Photograph from Angela Gurney
Police Sergeant Francis Charles Wood 1884-1974 Collar number 241. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 8234)
Photograph from Angela Gurney

At the Force Open Day 2018 Gloucestershire Police Archives were given three pictures of  Francis Charles Wood an officer who served either side of the First World War. He was one of the many Gloucestershire police officers who joined the army on the same day in May 1915.





















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