Police Cadets

Gloucestershire Cadets competing in the Ten Tors Challenge 1961/2. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2129)
Photograph from Pete Kilbey
Cadet Peter Kilbey at Tewkesbury. 1962/3. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2128)
Photograph from Pete Kilbey
Police Cadet inspection in Lansdown Road Cheltenham. The cones closing the road towards Westal Green are just visible past the cadets. In front of the parade Clive Fluck and Vince Castle. Back row first cadet Robin Haines. Middle row left to right: Derek Fry; Bob Bridge: unknown; Dave Thompson; Brian Bailey. Front row left to right: Pete Kilbey; Tony Blyth; Chris Phillips; Adrian Wallace; Ricky Hall; Tom Taylor. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2124)
Photograph from Pete Kilbey
Cadet Inspection in Lansdown Road Cheltenham 1960s. The road is closed to traffic! (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 10721)
Photograph from Chris Raymer
Cadets and visitors outside the original Holland House during the cadet inspection 1960s. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 10723)
Photograph from Chris Raymer
Visitors to the control room in the original Holland House after the cadet inspection 1960s. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 10722-1)
Photograph from Chris Raymer
Regular Police Cadets visiting Dowty Rotol, Churchdown, 1961. Left to right: , David Bryant; Roger Robinson; Anthony Blyth; Chris Phillips; Roger Sandall; Adrian Davies; Chris Raymer; Arthur Beacham; Adrian Wallace; David Baker; David Thompson; Brian Fletcher; Terry King; Robin Haines; Chief Inspector Baker; Bob Bridge;Police Sergeant Clark; Ray Trigg; David Price; Peter Smith; David Godwin; Robin Berryman; Colin (?) Davis; Richard Hall; Alan Whitcombe; Nigel Gale; Brian Bailey; John Wilcox; Alan Maidstone (?); Alan Boyd; John Bryant. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1966)
Thanks to Chris Phillips for further information.
Regular Police Cadets doing drill at Dean Close probably 1961. Left to right: Regimental Sergeant Major Benyon (Dean Close School); Police Sergeant Clark - training branch; Chief Inspector Baker (Inspecting Officer) - training branch; Front row Left to right: Bryant; David Baker; Pete Kilbey; David Thompson; Brian Bailey; Roger Robinson; Robin Haines, David Agget. Back row left to right: Alan Morey; Ray Trigg; Roger Renault. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1962)
Cadets Friday afternoon drill session. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10025)
Photograph from John Bryant
Cadet physical training session. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10026)
Photograph from John Bryant
Cadets in Spain 1970. John Pittaway, Diana Gibbs, Pam Murphy, Steve Radburn, Police Constable John Creed, Francis Johnson, Mrs Pam Creed, Nick Churchill , Phil Cowdry (in the tree), John Fidler, (Police Constable Dick Griffiths current girlfriend) , Cathy Searle, unknown , Police Constable Dick Griffiths ( Training Staff) , Steve Taylor, Nicky Hawkins, Mike Owen. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 5923)
Photograph from Nick Churchill
Cadet Life Saving Team 1975. Standing from left to right; Police Sergeant Chris Phillips; Stephen Penny; Robert Coltman; David Stalker. Seated: Aiden Green; Steven Parker. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2390)
Cadet Road walking team 1973. This was before the start of the race Barking to Southend. Back row Left to right; Martin Speke; Richard Bradley; Police Constable David Hanks; Jerry Blyth; Robert Coltman. Middle row left to right; Steven Parker; Robert Lephard; Graham Rees; Robin Yates; David Stallybrass; Jon Parnell. Kneeling left to right: Trevor Jones; Ian Perry; Paul Tibbles. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2389)
Cadet orienteering Team 1974 From Left to right: Steven Parker, Robert Lephard; Trevor Jones; Simon Bailey(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2388)
Cadet Life Saving team 6th June 1975. Left to right: Aiden Green.Robert Coltman; Stephen Penny; David Stalker; Steven Parker; (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2387)
Gloucestershire Constabulary Police Cadets - Sept 1970 onwards. Back Row from left to right; Gary Power: Roy Tyler (RIP) : Roly Shere-Massey : Mike Hogsden : Ian Lewis : Geoff Gregor : Nigel Barrett : Chris Shackleton : Phil Uzzell : Graham Dean Middle Row; Clive Harrison : Phil Sutton : Mike Leach : John Phelps : John Lane : Alan Marsh : Martin Sullivan : John Mapstone Front Row; Pam Murphy : Elaine Cook : Wendy Salter : Sgt David Price : Chief Inspector Bob Parker : Police Constable Dick Griffiths : Elaine Barker : Sue Stringer : Heather Griffiths : Briony Huck (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 9936)
Photograph from John Lane
Regular Police Cadets at Headquarters 1972. Back Row left to right: Rob Coltman, Jon Parnell, Robin Yates, Richard Stallabrass, Steve Robertson, Paul Adams, Martyn Speke, John Minter, Richard Bradley and Simon Bailey. Middle: Anne Brothers, Steve Parker, Kelvin Voss, Trevor Jones, Graham Rees, Gerry Blythe, John Punter, Colin Heselton, Paul Tibbles, Rob Lephard, Ian Perry, Bill Watson and Sarah Tavender. Sitting: Rose Petheram, Glynis Jacka, Carole Blyth, Police Constable Dave Hanks, Chief Inspector Ken Roberts, Police Sergeant David Price, Woman Police Constable Di Gibbs, Judy Berry and Lesley Stoneman. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1771-2)
Award of Erskine First Aid Trophy to female police cadet team. Left to right: Cadets Alison Davidson-Long, Beverley Coles, Donna Ede and Bucknell being presented with Trophy by Commander of St Johns Ambulance Association 1978. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 275)
Annual combined Cadet Inspection by Deputy Chief Constable E Coppin and Mrs Coppin before his retirement 1979. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 322)
Left to right Steve Spencer (son of the late Ron Spencer see URN 196 and URN 456 ) Shaun Painting, Alan Williams, Colin Pilsworth, John Hammond, Mike Fitter and Simon Moulding. The Woman Police Constable is Sue Davis. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2206)
Photograph from Martyn Hillier
Last intake of Regular Police Cadets. Left to right back row: Jon Weager, Dave Thompson, Tim Cook, Ian Viles, Jared Hughes, Craig Guthrie, Keith Smith, Andy Christopher. Front row Rachel Price, Police Constable David Stacey, Inspector Alan Billinghurst, Chief Inspector Alan Beckett, Inspector Jeffery Spinks, Police Sergeant Roy Palmer, Joanne Waite, September 1983. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1149)
Last intake of cadet recruits with Chief Constable Soper. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 385)
Volunteer Cadets celebrating at Waterwells 2015. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1899)


According to Steve Moulder there was a clear distinction between the Volunteer and the Regular Units. The former, when in existence and which I was part of, fed into the later. I think it was 16 to 18 for Volunteers because it was 18 minimum for Regulars. However a few volunteers, myself included stayed on after 18 as Civilian Instructors. The volunteer cadet leaders were serving local officers (who volunteered their own time).

There follows a list of the few I can recall.

Police Constable John Williams, Civilian Charles Povey, Inspector Ron Williams, Woman Police Constable Anna ?, Police Constable Ian ?, Police Constable John Pittaway, Police Sergeant Roger Leyfield, DC Mike Beer, Police Constable Mark andWoman Police Constable Fran Bullock, Police Sergeant John and Woman Police Constable Angie Bunce, Police Constable Chris Skinner. Civilian Instructors apart from myself (from around 1973 to ?late 80s), were Tim Jeynes, Tammy Dwight and Graham Wills.

In the early days our uniforms were hand me downs from the regular force which were made from the heavy blue serge with a truncheon pocket and included cotton shirts with button on starch collars.

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  • Photo of cadets, September 1970 onwards from John Lane – Elaine Bell is actually Elaine Barker now Tomlins, and I was Elaine Cook, without the ‘e’ on the end!
    Unfortunately there are now a few more on this photo who are no longer with us.

    By Elaine Long (27/11/2023)
  • Re 10772-1 Visit control room, believe the person behind the man with spectacles in the centre of picture is Brian Fletcher.

    By Colin Manton (11/05/2023)
  • Re 9936 Cadets 1970 First Cadet Gary Powell, surname is incorrect should read “Power”.

    By Colin Manton (20/12/2022)
  • Its always interesting to see these young cadets and how they often progress in different directions from beeing a cadet.
    My Father who at the time was involved with training cadets on motor patrol sessions around 1961-62 . One of his cadets was Colin Boulton , and was excellent at Cricket and Football but his heart was in football , and had been offered a place at Notts County as a Goalkeeper, my father Phil Bridgman said follow your heart , which he did for many many years.

    By Geoff Bridgman (16/05/2022)
  • Regular Police Cadets at Headquarters 1972.
    Correct christian name for Cadet Voss in the middle row is Kelvin, not Kevin.

    By Trevor Jones (09/05/2020)
  • Cadets 1978 winning the First aid trophy. The missing name is Jacqueline Bucknell.

    By Alison (Davidson-Long) (01/05/2020)
  • There is a Gloucestershire Police Cadet Facebook page with lots of information.

    By Tony Dix (07/07/2017)
  • In the photo where female cadets have won the Erskine Trophy. The third cadet from the left is Donna Ede.

    By Colin Manton (02/05/2017)
  • Cadets in Spain. I believe the first person listed as unknown to the right of John Creed is Cadet Francis Johnson. Phil Chowdry is actually Phil Cowdrey and the unknown person next to him I believe is PC John Fidler. The person labelled Steve Harris is actually Steve Taylor. Mick Owen was known as Mike Owen.

    By Colin Manton (23/04/2017)
  • Thank you, have updated.

    By Sue Webb (24/04/2017)
  • In the photo where female cadets have one the Erskine Trophy the cadet second from left is Beverly Coles and nor Ede. Don’t know the other names.

    By Colin Manton (14/12/2016)
  • Regular Police Cadets at Headquarters 1972.

    The names are completely wrong. The names refer to the 1968 Cadets.

    The names are as follows:

    Rear: Rob Coltman, Jon Parnell, Robin Yates, Richard Stallabrass, Steve Robertson, Paul Adams, Martyn Speke, John Minter, Richard Bradley & Simon Bailey.

    Middle: Anne Brothers, Steve Parker, Kevin Voss, Trevor Jones, Graham Rees, Gerry Blythe, John Punter, Colin Heselton, Paul Tibbles, Rob Lephard, Ian Perry, Bill Watson & Sarah Tavender.

    Sitting: Rose Petheram, Glynis Jacka, Carole Blyth, PC Dave Hanks, CI Ken Roberts, PS David Price, WPC Di Gibbs, Judy Berry & Lesley Stoneman.

    By Keith Jones (12/10/2016)
  • Thank you, will change the picture.

    By Sue Webb (12/10/2016)
  • The photo of the cadets at Dean Close Pete can name most of them.Also he can add a lot of knowledge to Gloucestershire Police archives? Please contact if required.

    By Pete Kilbey (17/09/2016)

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