Special Constabulary Gallery 02

Thornbury Division

Thornbury Division Almondsbury Section. Back Row: Special Constables Hinton, Champion, Shellard, Evans, Moras, Tombs, Waite, Breadmore, Hulbert. Front Row: Special Constable Foot, Police Constable South, Police Sergeant Jayne, Special inspector Rabley, Special Sergeant Hills, Head Special Constable Hulbert, Special Constable Smith. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6959)
Thornbury Division Alveston Section. Back Row: Special Constables Bubb, Davis, Lewis, Cryer, niblett, Cole. Front Row: Special Constable Williams, Head Special Constable Homan, Special Inspector Rabley, Police Constable Keane, Special Sergeant Cullimore, Special Constables Gazzard, Dodd.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6960)
Thornbury Division Charfield Section. Back Row: Special Constables Wathen, Downs, Durn, White, Cornock, Benson, Colborn, Champion, Ilees, Goscombe S. Front Row: Special Constable Bryant, Head Special Constable Goscombe W.T, Police Sergeant Auger, Specail Inspector Brewer, Police Constabe Attwood, Special Sergeant Keynton, Head Special Constable Reynolds. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6961)
Thornbury Division Chipping Sodbury Section (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6962)
Thornbury Division Coalpit Heath Section. Back Row: Special Constables Mann, Rodman, Hulands, Vizard, Coombes, Elliott, Roberts. Middle Row: Special Constables Dando W, Dando G, Taylor, Tovey, Bennett, Hubble, Knight, Payne, Russell R, Berrett, Cole. Seated: Head Special Constable Russell M, Special Superintendent Nelson Rooke, Commandant Sleeman, Special Inspector Walker, Police Constable Prior, Police Sergeant Langley. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6963)
Thornbury Division Didmarton Section Back Row: Special Constables Tuck, Farmiloe, Watts, griffin, Chappel, Rodway, Wilkinson, parsons, Hatherel. Seated: Special Constable Cooper, head Special Constable Clark, Special Sergeant Coombs, Special Inspector Brewer, Special Superintendent Rooke, Police Sergeant Auger, Police Constable Holtham, Police War Reserve Jones (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6964)
Thornbury Division Falfield Section. Back Row: Special Constables Payne, Pratt P. Middle Row: Special Connstables Pratt G, Tully, Special Sergeant Cullimore, Police Constable Adshead, Head Special Constable Lanham, Special Constables Fuller, Walker. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6965)
Thornbury Division Hallen Section Back Row:Special Constables Davies, Parfitt, Reed, Mansell, Whitehead. Seated: Special Constables Stokes H, Clifford, Head Specail Constable Harris, Police Constable Payne,(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6966)
Thornbury Division Hawkesbury Section Back Row: Special Constables Bezar, Stinchcombe P.G, Parker, Watts, Bush, Hodges, Chitts, Chappell. Seated:Special Constables Davey, Daniell, Special Sergeant Coombs, Special Inspector Brewer, Special Suerintendent Rooke, Police Sergeant Auger, Police Constable Lane, Head Special Constable Baker, Special Constables Ranger, Stinchcombe. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6967)
Thornbury Division Special Constables Marshfield Section (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6968)
Thornbury Division North Nibley Section Back Row: Special Constables Parker, Purnell, Niblett, Mason, Browning, Evans, Meek, Sharp. Seated: Special Sergeant Keynton, Police Constable Midwinter, Special Inspector Brewer, Police Sergeant Auger, Head Special Constable Elliott, Special Constable Talboys, Special Sergeant Jotcham.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6969)
Thornbury Division Olveston Section (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6970)
Thornbury Division Pilning Subsection Back Row: Special Constables Wood, Hardwell, Murray, Pope, Cook, Howse. Seated: Special Constable Ball, Head Special Constable Fisher, Police Constable Parry, Police War Reserve Osmond, Special Constable Lock. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6971)
Thornbury Division Pucklechurch Section Back Row: Special Constables Packer, Frankcom, Redwood, Bennett, Pullin, Amos, Blanchard, Ball, Sherman, Frost. Seated : Special Constables Sherman, Drury, Police Constable Morse, Special Inspector Codrington, Special Superintendent Nelson Rooke, Head Special Constable Salmon, Special Constables Moss, Fussell.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6972)
Thornbury Division Thornbury Section Back Row: Special Constables Ord, Brown, Pearce, Driscoll, Yarnold, Arnold, Driscoll. Seated: Special Constables Lambert, Walker, Police Constable Dimery, Inspector Midwinter, Special Inspector Rabley, Head Special Constable Thurston, Special Constables Cook, Garland.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6973)
Thornbury Division Wick Section Back Row: Special Constables Gill, Hemborough, Packer W, Packer R, Watts, Dicks, Lucker. Middle Row: Special Constables Mizen, Beale, Drewett, Spill, Amos D, Bryant, Sprules, Stowe, Kidner. Seated: Special Constables Woodamn, Rossiter, Symes, Kembrey, Special Sergeant Orchard, Special Inspector Codrington, Police Constable Gill, Special Constables Snailum, Wright, Amos A. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6974)
Thornbury Division Wickwar Subsection. Standing: Special ConstablesWithers, Day, Bridgeman A.J, Roberts, Fowler, Jones, Bridgman D, Pritchard, Marsh, Hall, Winbow, Nelmes, Wonnacott, Moore, Trembling. Seated: Head Special Constable Musty, Special Sergeant Leakey, Special Inspector Codrington, Police Constable Gardner, Head Special Constable Tovey (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6975)
Thornbury Division Winterbourne Section Back Row: Special Constables Telling, Meaden, Thompson, Keats, Turner, Harford, Jefferis, Jarvis, Maggs, Cook, Maggs G.G. Seated: Special Constables Player, Fellows, Jones, Tilley, Police Sergeant Smart, Special Inspector Walker, Police Constable Chew, Head Special Constable Ware, Special Constables Collett, Cane, Smith (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6976)
Thornbury Division Wotton under Edge Section Back Row; Special Constables Brant, Cornock, Sims, Baker. Middle Row: Special Constables Pullen, Colborn, Smith, Stinchcombe, Palmer, Hinder, Logan, Eves, Lindley. Seated: Special Constable Hall, Special Sergeant Keynton, Police Sergeant Auger, Special Inspector Brewer, Special Sergeant Jotcham, Head Special Constable Duffield.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6977)
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