Special Constabulary Gallery 03

Cirencester Division

Cirencester Division Ampney Section Back Row: Special Constables Goodall, Stevens, Wyman, Peare, Law, Barnes. Middle Row: Special Constables Tokelove, Evans, Mustoe, Fielder, Cock, Robins, Adams, Banks, Strafford. Seated: Special Constable Day, Head Special Constable Stallworthy, Special Constable Venour, Inspector Newman, Special Sergeant MacLery, Police Constable Hardiman, Head Special Constables Hickman, Jobrins, Godwin.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6978)
Cirencester Division Andoversford Subdivision. Back Row: Special Constables Winter, Packer, Cross, Daubeny, Ayres. Middle Row: Special Constables Smith, Fox, Mace, Police Constable Taylor, Special Constables Hicks, Kilbey, Bloxsome, Blacklock. Seated: Head Special Constables, Hiatt, May, Keene, Special Sergeant Abell. Head Special Constables Pudell, Hughes Police War Reserve Ralph. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6979)
Cirencester Division South Cerney Back Row: Special Constables Wakefield, Peyman, Legg, Morgans W, Morgans S, Head Special Constable Cox. Seated: Special Constable Smith, Police Constable Waldron, Special Constable Miles. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6980)
Cirencester Division Bibury Subsection Back Row: Special Constables Stallard, Smith, Bartlett A, Houlton, Jenkins, Jones, Norris, Brownett, Tyler, Clarke, Giles, Gwinnett. Seated: Special Constables Greenslade, Clements, Mills, Head Special Constable Robins, Police Constable Taylor, Special Sergeant Andrews, Head Special Constable Bartlett, Special Constables Lockey, Lucker, Edwards. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6981)
Cirencester Division Coln St Aldwyn, Hatherop and Quenington Sections. Back Row: Special Constables Sheppard, Barnett, Loving, Joynes, Twinning. Seated: Special Constable Bartlett, Special Sergeant Rickards, Head Special Constable Hutchings, Special Sergeant Baldwin , Special Constable Vincent. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6982)
Cirencester Division Daglingworth Section. Back row: Special Constables Locke, Smith J.J. Ripley, Smith R.W, Fawkes, Tokelove. Seated: Special Constables Howick, Payne, Special Sergeant De Freville, Police Constable Holtham, Special Sergeant Short, Special Constables Clarke, Harvey. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7049)
Cirencester Division Tetbury Sub Division. Back Row: Special Constables Dean, Mills, Eldridge, Berry, Perrin, Jones, Saunders, Roxbury, Lafford, Wheatley, Horton, Evans,. Middle Row: Special Constables Waters, Cox B, Holborrow, Watts, Walker, Hoad, Cox R, Neale A, Hancock, White, Mulcock, Police Sergeant Hawkins. Seated: Police War Reserve Davenport, Special Constables Gardiner, Neal, Head Special Constable Neale P, Special Sergeant Lewis, Police Sergeant Edmonds,Head Special Constables Godwin, Boulton Special Constable Butcher. Police War Reserve Witts. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6983)
Cirencester Division Cirencester Subsection Back Row: Head Special Constable Derry, Special Constables Russell, Collis, Satherley, Gooderham, Lafford, New, Weaver H, Head Special Constable Pugh. Middle Row: Special Constables Bowcock, Farrell W, Wager, Carter, Riggal, Head Special Constable Ryman Special Constables Trowbridge, Higgs, Strange, Hanman, Head Special Constable Long, Special Constables Venus, Farrell C, Head Special Constable Clapham. Seated: Special Constable Davies, Head Special Constable Boulton, Special Constable Weaver R, Special Sergeants Turner, Kinns, Police Sergeant Howkins, Inspector Newman, Special Superintendent Paley, Superintendent Jotcham, Special Inspector Gouldsmith, Special Sergeants Spencer, DeFreville, Head Special Constable Barker Special Constable Wainwright. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6984)
Cirencester Division Fairford Section Left to Right Special Constables Scriven L.S, Manning, Snuggs, Scriven F, Tolleyy Special Sergeant Rickards, Special Constable Westbury, Head Special Constable Hope, Special Constable Bailey.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6985)
Cirencester Division Lechlade Section Left to Right: Special Constable Cox, Head Special Constable Gantlett, Special Constable Ford, Special Sergeant Rickards, Special Constable Chapman, Police Constable Bleaken, Special Constables Norris, Harrison, King, Shepherd. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6986)
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