Special Constabulary Gallery 06

Dursley Division

Dursley Division Dursley Section Back row: Special Constables Phelps, Smith E.H, Medcroft E, Griffen, Trotman, Champion, Hill. Second row: Special Constables Ford, Medcroft L, Savage, Barnfield, Evans, Clifford, Edwards, Smith E.G. Third Row: Special Constables Walkley, Bendall, Day, Pattendon, Carter, Hobbs, Phillips, Caddick, Whitfield, Fryer F.C, Owen. Fourth row: Special Constables Woodward, Hancock, Head Special Constables Fryer A.H, Pilsworth, Special Sergeant Chappell, Special Superintendent Hague, Inspector Jones, Head Special Constables Hancock, Thornhill, Special Constables Bruton, Hopkins, Workman. Front row: Special Constables Rogers, Hurd, Titheridge, Workman, Smith A.E, Fryer S.F. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7009)
Dursley Division Berkeley Section. Back row: Special Constables Clift J, Clift F, Coppola, Long, Thomas, Barrett, Lewis, Browning A, Fear, Head Special Constable Hancock, Special Constables Smith K, Clutterbuck, Trotman. Middle row: Head Special Constable Barnfield, Special Constables Browning J, Cecil, Darnley, Portlock J, Smith F, Portlock G, Turl, Goodrich, Whitcombe, Williams, Hale, Partridge, Harris. Seated: Special Constable Wright, Special Sergeant Ashbee, Police Sergeant Silvey, Superintendent Williams, Commandant Sleeman, Special Superintendent Hague, Special Superintendent Jessop, Special Constables Barrell, Allen.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6998)
Dursley Division Whitminster Section. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7038)
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