Special Constabulary Gallery 09

Forest of Dean Division

Forest of Dean Division Blakeney Section. Back row: Special Constables Miles, Penn, Lane, Turner, Porter, Saint, Tirley. Front row: Special Constables Biddington, Hammond, Screen, Special Sergeant Wayman, Police Constable Large, Special Constables Biddington, Bleaken. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7042)
Forest of Dean Division Bream Section. Back row: Special Constables Morse, Ellway, Windsor, Haddock, Parr, Reader, Robinson. Middle row: Special Constables Lewis W, Cooper, Meek, Lewis B, Edmunds A, Hill, Hancocks. Seated: Special Constables Horsley, Thomas, Head Special Constable Burdess, Police Constables Weekes, Brown, Special Constables James, Edmunds E. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7044)
Forest of Dean Division Cinderford Section (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7006)
Forest of Dean Division Coleford Subsection. Back row: Special Constables Smart, Jefferies, Smith S.L.H, Joseph, Holbrook, Smith E.W, Brain, Baldwin. Third row: Special Constables Hart, Collett, Williams J.E, Phipps, Morgan, Higgs, Miller, Pritchard, Jones R.I, Gwilliam, Baldwin. Second row: Special Constables Saunders, Barnett, Hooper, Baynham, Burbrough, Bucknell, Jones F.W, James, Smith H.H, Trotter, Williams W.F, Dangerfield Seated: Special Constables Green, Powell, Homer, Head Special Constable Ashworth, Special Inspector Machen, Special Superintendent Colchester- Wemyss, Special Sergeant Pudsey, Head Special Constable Horton, Special Constable Dovey, Hoare.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7040)
Forest of Dean Division Drybrook Section. Back row: Special Constables Terrett, Cinderey, Morman E, Shirley, Blears, Roberts G, Roberts M.T, Greening Seated: Special Constable Collier, Head Special Constable Morman T.D, Police Constable Rogers, Special Constables Annetts, Hunt. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7041)
Forest of Dean Division Longhope Section. Back row: Special Constables Bowkett, Hill, Warren, Constance, Little, Bullock. Front row: Special Constables Morris, Adams, Head Special Constable Jones A.H, Police constable James, Special Constables Lord, Williams, Poole. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7017)
Forest of Dean Division Lydney Section. Back row: Special Constables Windsor, Davis, Goddard, Hadley R, Hadley H, Imm, Martyn, Bayliss, Garland. Middle row: Special Constables Ball, Gibson, Hancock, Waters, Bailey, Wright, Seaborne, Miell, Born. Seated: Special Constables Dunn, Williams, Nelmes, Special Sergeant Wild, Superintendent Large, Police Sergeant Clarke, Special Constables Morris, Thorn (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7018)
Forest of Dean Division Mitcheldean Section. Back row: Special Constables Betteridge, Jackson, Hale, Baldwin, Newman, Clarke, Smith. Seated: Special Constables Vincent, Little, Head Special Constable Bullock, Police Constable Buckland, Special Constables Ellis, Cottrell.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7021)
Forest of Dean Division Newnham Section. Back row: Special Constables Ferris, Rymer, James, Hooper, Cox, Hodgson, Grimmett, Lloyd. Seated: Special Constables Lowes, Harrison, Police Constable James, Head Special Constable Blanton, Special Constable Atkins, Police War Reserve Rawlins. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7024)
Forest of Dean Division Parkend Section. Back row: Special Constables James E, Dawe, Cawley, Hook, Edmunds, Sheward, Turley W. Middle row: Special Constables Brown, Morgan, James S, Bethell, Davis, Turley H, Goldsworthy, Jessop. Seated: Special Constable Turley, Head Special Constable Rossiter, Special Sergeant Pudsey, Special Inspector, Machen, Superintendent Large, Inspector Dowsell, Police Sergeant Pagett, Police Constable Carter, Special Constable Thomas.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7026)
Forest of Dean Division Ruardean Section. Back row: Special Constables Knight, Marfell, Vaughan. Seated: Special Constable Dunkley, Head Special Constable Scott, Police Constable Boughton, Special Constable Beard. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7029)
Forest of Dean Division Ruspidge Section. Back row: Special Constables Shermer, Warren, Edwards, Middlecote, Pritchard, Bowdler. Seated: Head Special Constable Walkley, Police Constable Taylor, Special Inspector James, Special Sergeant Ellis, Special Constable Godwin. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7030)
Forest of Dean Division St Briavels Section. Back row: Special Constables Scrivens, Lewis, Davies, James, Davis. Middle row: Special Constables Voyce, Keedwell, Price, Burley, Whittington. Seated: Head Special Constable Morgan, Police Constable Day, Inspector Dowsell, Special Constable Rivers, Police War Reserve Henderson.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7032)
Forest of Dean Division Tutshill Section. Back row: Special Constables Williams, Tandy, Reeks, King, Foster, Riley, Flowers. Second row: Special Constables Randle, Simmonds, Ogree, Grier, Clark, Corne, Lewis. Third row: Police War Reserve King, Police Sergeant Morris, Special Sergeant Shirley, Head Special Constable Ball, Police War Reserve Verrier. Front row: Special Constables Wood, Manson, Blandford, Beddoe, Jones.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7036)
Forest of Dean Division Westbury on Severn Section. Back row: Special Constables Leaper, Wyman, Smart, Heaven, Jennings S, Gleed, Price. Seated: Special Constables Littleton, Jennings, Selwyn, Police Constable Cook, Head Special Constable Boughton, Special Constables Wyman, Middlecote (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7037)
Woolaston Section - Forest of Dean Division Back row: Special Constables Beal, McLaren, Bucknell Front row: Head Special Constable Bollen, Police Constable Bayliss, Special Constable Williams (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6952)
Forest of Dean Division Yorkley Section. Back row: Special Constables Gunter H, Robins, Brown, Beddis B. Second row: Special Constables Jones, Craddock, Morse, Beddis R, Jones. Third row: Special Constables Wilce, Fletcher, Gunter C, Ames, Price. Seated: Police Constable Emerson, Special Constable Lewis E, Head Special Constable Jones, Police Constable Fardon, Special Constable Lewis S. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7039)
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