Special Constabulary World War II 01

Staple Hill Division

A map of the County's Police Divisions during World War II (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6931)
ANDREW, J.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
ARNOLD, L.G.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
BAKER, E.C.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
BARFORD, J.H.R.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
BASKERVILL-COSWAY, L.H.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
BEES, G.H.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
BEES, T.R.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
BEES, V.R.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
BEESE, R.F.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
BENNETT, W.C.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
BENTON, E.H.J.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
BETTINGTON, E.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
BIRD, W.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
BRIDGMAN, G.C.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
BRIMBLE, DJB1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
BRUTON, J.A.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
CAPEWELL, G.E.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
CARTER, J.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
CHIDGEY, A.C.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
CLARKE, A.H.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
COLLEY, P.A.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
COLLINGS, A.A.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
COLLINS, H.G.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
COOKE, P.H.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
CROWLEY, J.P.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
DENMAN, H.C.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
ENGLAND, J.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
FARLEY, H.B.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
FISHER, J.H.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
FORD, L.J.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
FORREST, E.M.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
GAHERTY, W.A.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
GIORIA, E.G.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
GOUGH, E.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
HACKWELL, H.J.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
HALE, F.G.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
HARES, R.L.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
HARRIS, H.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
HAYNES, H.W.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
HEWITT, W.L.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
HILLMAN, J.A.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
HOOD, R.P.Special InspectorB1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
HUDSON, H.A.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
HUNT, H.J.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
ILES, R.E.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
JAMES, R.A.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
JENNINGS, A.E.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
JONES, A.E.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
JONES, H.R.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
KEBBY, A.H.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
KEMP, K.G.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
KING, W.G.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
LAWRENCE, T.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
LEWIS, J.R.S.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
MACKENZIE, D.G.H.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
MANSFIELD, J.C.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
McCARTHY, M.M.M.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
MIZEN, E.H.J.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
MORGAN, A.E.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
MORTIMER, A.E.Special InspectorB1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
MURRAY, J.P.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
NICHOLS, H.C.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
OWEN, M.O.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
OWEN, S.C.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
PADDISON, W.G.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
PARKER, H.E.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
PEACOCK, W.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
PEARCE, E.W.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
POW, A.W.G.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
PRESTON, J.M.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
PROCKTER, W.R.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
PURSEY, E.J.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
PURSEY, E.R.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
RHODES, W.G.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
RIDDLE, E.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
RILEY, F.A.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
ROBERTS, R.E.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
ROWE, W.H.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
ROWLEY, W.H.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
RYLETT, W.N.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
SAMPSON, W.J.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
SCOTT, E.T.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
SCOTT, John W.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
SCOTT, Jos W.Head Special ConstableB1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
SCOTTORN, A.H.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
SHEPPARD, H.F.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
SKUSE, T.S.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
SLATER, A.E.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
SMITH, D.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
STONE, H.W.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
SUTTON, H.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
SWAFFIELD, L.D.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
TAYLOR, J.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
THOMAS, J.D.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
TRUSLER, S.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
WEDGE, B.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
WELSH, W.L.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
WESTMANCOTT, A.E.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
WHATLEY, E.J.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
WHITE, B.R.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
WILCOCK, G.W.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
WILKES, W.T.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
WILLIAMS, A.H.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
WINDELL, W.J.G.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
WOOD, R.J.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
WRIGHT, W.B1 Division Staple HillFilton Section
CHURCHILL, S.H.B1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
COATES, H.J.B1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
COUNSELL, F.C.B1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
DURSTON, J.B1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
FELTHAM, C.E.B1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
HARDING, H.W.B1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
HIGGINBOTHAM, J.B1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
HILLIER, F.J.R.B1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
HOOD, C.M.B1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
HOOD, K.E.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
HORSEMAN, F.B1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
MAPSTONE, J.E.B1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
NICHOLLS, R.B.B1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
ROGERS, A.F.B1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
YOUNG, G.H.Special InspectorB1 Division Staple HillFrenchay    Subsection
ALMOND, T.R.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
BELT, E.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
EVANS, F.O.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
FRADLEY, W.J.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
GRIFFIN, S.G.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
GRUBB, G.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
HAVARD, D.J.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
IRWIN, C.G.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
LAMB, L.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
LANE, W.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
MORGAN, C.A.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
SHORT, G.J.S.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
SINGER, A.W.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
SMITH, W.H.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
TAYLOR, G.S.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
WARD, S.C.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
WELLS, F.H.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
WILLIAMS, J.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
WRIDE, C.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
WRIGHT, J.C.B1 Division Staple HillHanham Section
ANN, E.H.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
BAILEY, A.G.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
BARRETT, H.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
BATTEN, H.E.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
BRAIN, H.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
BRYANT, B.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
BURCHILL, H.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
BUSH, L.A.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
CORDY, A.S.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
DARKE, S.B.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
DASCOMBE, W.G.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
FUDGE, G.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
HARRIS, F.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
HEARD, F.J.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
HODGE, F.S.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
HOLLY, S.F.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
HOPKINS, R.F.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
HUNT, G.A.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
LETHERBY, H.L.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
MUSTOW, C.N.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
OWEN, G.A.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
PARDOE, W.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
PENN, T.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
PORTER, A.E.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
RAE-HOWARD, H.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
ROGERS, F.I.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
SHEPPARD, W.G.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
SILVERTHORNE, H.W.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
SKEY, R.H.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
SMITH, B.H.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
STONE, A.V.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
STRANGE, C.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
TANNER, R.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
THOMAS, A.W.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
TROTT, P.G.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
TURNER, P.L.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
WADDELL, G.F.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
WALKER, H.A.W.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
WELCH, J.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
WHITEFORD, G.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
WILLIAMS, A.R.Special InspectorB1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
WILTSHIRE, A.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
WILTSHIRE, F.W.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
WOODMAN, W.P.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
YEOMAN, E.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
YOUNGER, A.B1 Division Staple HillKingswood Section
CASWELL, W.G.B1 Division Staple HillLongwell Green Subsection
CHIVERS, S.J.B1 Division Staple HillLongwell Green Subsection
DARBY, J.B1 Division Staple HillLongwell Green Subsection
IVENS, J.Y.B1 Division Staple HillLongwell Green Subsection
JENKINS, G.T.Head Special ConstableB1 Division Staple HillLongwell Green Subsection
JENKINS, T.G.B1 Division Staple HillLongwell Green Subsection
JONES, W.F.Head Special ConstableB1 Division Staple HillLongwell Green Subsection
KYNASTON, W.E.B1 Division Staple HillLongwell Green Subsection
LEWIS, A.E.B1 Division Staple HillLongwell Green Subsection
MARSHALSEA, E.G.B1 Division Staple HillLongwell Green Subsection
SHADDICK, W.B1 Division Staple HillLongwell Green Subsection
WEDMORE, H.B1 Division Staple HillLongwell Green Subsection
BALL, S.T.B1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
CHURCHILL, E.A.P.G.B1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
COOKSLEY, G.L.B1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
GARDINER, L.A.G.B1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
GIBBS, E.F.B1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
GOLLEDGE, R.H.B1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
HUGHES, D.W.B1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
JEFFERIES, C.E.Head Special ConstableB1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
JEFFERIS, F.H.B1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
JOHNSON, F.B1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
JONES, F.C.B1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
NICHOLS, A.B1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
POWELL, L.G.B1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
STIDDARD, H.B1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
SUMMERHILL, S.G.B1 Division Staple HillMangotsfield Subsection
ADAMS, S.A.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
ANSTEY, J.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
BODMAN, N.C.H.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
BRYAN, A.E.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
BUCK, L.S.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
BUSH, H.G.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
CORRIGAN, A.J.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
ENGLAND, A.M.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
FAIRCLOUGH, W.G.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
FORD, E.C.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
FRY, E.J.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
GOVAN, J.D.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
HOOK, S.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
LACEY, N.E.L.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
MAYO, F.J.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
MAYO, H.S.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
MORGAN, L.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
MORGAN, W.J.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
NEADS, W.A.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
NICHOLS-COPE, H.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
OLLIS, C.W.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
RICHARDS, G.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
STIGGLES, I.W.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
TOWNSEND, P.B1 Division Staple HillOldland Common Section
ARMSTRONG, C.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
BALL, H.T.D.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
CRAPP, E.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
DICKENS, L.J.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
FARRANT, D.J.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
FARRANT, W.E.J.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
FARRELL, W.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
HALL, A.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
HOPKINS, E.H.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
HOWSE, G.J.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
JONES, T.L.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
KEEPIN, H.S.Head Special ConstableB1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
MILSOM, R.C.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
PIKE, W.C.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
RUGMAN, R.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
STARR, C.F.D.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
WATKINS, S.F.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
WATTON, R.J.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
WHEELER, W.T.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
WINCHCOMBE, C.H.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
YARDE, H.B1 Division Staple HillPatchway Subsection
ALLEN, R.C.D.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
ANDREWS, A.L.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
BALL, H.J. Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
BATEMAN, G.S.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
BOWSER, W.D.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
BOYELDIEU, G.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
BRAIN, B.J.H.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
BRITTON, H.J.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
BUTTERWORTH, H.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
BYNG, S.L.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
CLOTWORTHY, S.J.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
COLLENETTE, S.A.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
CONNOCK, R.T.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
COX, A.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
CRANFIELD, W.E.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
CUMBERLEDGE, W.T.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
DAVIES, P.H.C.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
DENT, A.T.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
EDWARDS, S.A.G.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
ELPHICK, E.A.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
EMERY, H.G.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
ENGLAND, E.V.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
ENGLAND, G.G.H.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
EVANS, P.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
FRANKCOM, C.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
FUSSELL, P.J.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
GILES, W.R.Special SuperintendentB1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
GOLDING, G.R.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
GOODWIN, S.S.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
GREEN, F.R.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
GREGORY, H.C.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
GUEST, P.H.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
HALL, W.C.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
HAMILTON, J.I.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
HEDGES, H.A.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
HENDY, A.S.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
HILLMAN, M.A.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
HOLDER, L.S.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
HOPES, R.E.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
HUSON, H.E.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
JEFFERIES, S.W.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
JOHNSON, A.W.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
JOHNSON, R.J.A.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
KELSEY, B.J.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
KENDALL, P.H.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
KING, H.R.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
KING, H.W.C.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
KINGMAN, H.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
KIRBY, D.H.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
KNIGHT, D.L.M.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
LANE, W.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
LAWSON, C.W.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
LEONARD, R.F.W.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
MAINE, H.J.R.B1 Division Staple Hill)Staple Hill Section
MANNING, K.H.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
MARSHALL, B.J.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
MATHEWS, J.H.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
MATTHEWS, F.G.L.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
MATTHEWS, G.W.E.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
MILLAR, W.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
MILLER, F.A.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
MILLER, H.W.J.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
MONKS, D.N.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
MOORE, L.A.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
NAPIER, J.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
PALMER, M.A.P.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
PARKINSON, F.M.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
PEARCE, A.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
PEARSE, C.B.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
PILGRIM, A.R.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
PLATTS, I.M.E.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
POOLE, P.A.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
PRATT, E.E.Special SuperintendentB1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
RATHBONE, R.G.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
RAWLE, S.H.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
REED, G.W.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
SAGE, F.C.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
SAVAGE, R.H.F.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
SCANTLEBURY, C.W.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
SHEPSTONE, W.H.T.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
SIMMONS, A.J.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
STEPHENS, H.J.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
STONEHOUSE, W.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
STOVIN, C.H.Special SergeantB1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
THOMAS, J.I.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
THORPE, F.G.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
TRIVETT, F.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
TURNER, R.H.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
WARBURTON, H.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
WARD, F.E.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
WARD, N.B.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
WATTS, E.C.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
WATTS, L.G.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
WEBB, H.J.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
WEEKS, R.R.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
WOODHALL, W.C.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
WREN, F.W.J.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
WREN, H.F.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
YARD, C.B1 Division Staple HillStaple Hill Section
BROAKES, R.R.B1 Division Staple HillWarmley Subsection
DREW, F.L.B1 Division Staple HillWarmley  Subsection
HACKER, A.E.B1 Division Staple HillWarmley  Subsection
ISAACS, N.H.B1 Division Staple HillWarmley  Subsection
JENKINS, A.G.E.B1 Division Staple HillWarmley  Subsection
KNEE, W.H.B1 Division Staple HillWarmley  Subsection
MESSENGER, H.W.B1 Division Staple HillWarmley  Subsection
MORGAN, A.C.B1 Division Staple HillWarmley  Subsection
PINCOTT, J.A.B1 Division Staple HillWarmley  Subsection
SHEPPARD, T.B1 Division Staple HillWarmley  Subsection
WHARMBY, G.B1 Division Staple HillWarmley  Subsection
WHITE, V.S.B1 Division Staple HillWarmley  Subsection
WHITE, W.Head Special ConstableB1 Division Staple HillWarmley  Subsection
WINTLE, R.B.B1 Division Staple HillWarmley  Subsection
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