Special Constabulary World War II 02

Thornbury Division

Special Superintendent Nelson Rooke. Thornbury Division (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6928)
BARRETT, A.E.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
BENNETT, E.E.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
BIRD, E.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
BRAY, S.W.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
BRINTON, S.W.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
BROWN, A.T.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
CARTER, P.W.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
CODRINGTON, C. SIR,Special  InspectorB2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
CUFF, S.A.Special SergeantB2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
DAVIS, W.J.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
GENT, R.J.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
GULWELL, D.A.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
HOLT, V. REVB2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
HOLTON, F.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
KING, C.E.H.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
MULLENS, H.A.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
NEAL, H.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
NEWMAN, M.C.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
OAKES, J.G.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
PINNELL, W.C.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
RALPH, A.R.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
RITCHINGS, W.G.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
ROOKE, N. Special SuperintendentB2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
STRANGE, S.E.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
VINER, A.T.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
VINER, W.G.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
WATSON, P.B2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
WOOD-CLARKE, W.H.Special SergeantB2 Division ThornburyActon Turville Section
BARTON, R.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
BREADMORE, W.P.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
CHAMPION, D.P.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
CHEAKER, A.F.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
COUCHMAN, D.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
DAVIS, H.H.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
EVANS, C.C.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
FOOT, T.W.L.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
HILLS, H.T.Special SergeantB2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
HORTON, A.E.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
HULBERT, R.C.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
HULBERT, W.J.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
KEEBLE, T.S.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
MILNE, N.C.H.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
MORAS, A.A.V.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
RAMSAY, D.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
ROBERTS, M.B2 Division Thornbury)Almondsbury Section
SHELLARD, H.B.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
SMITH, D.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
SMITH, E.B.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
TOMBS, W.E.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
WAITE, F.G.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
WILLS, V.E.B2 Division ThornburyAlmondsbury Section
BALL, L.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
BATES, A.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
BOARDMAN, H.G.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
BRYANT, W.H.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
BUBB, H.J.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
CHAMPION, H.B.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
COLE, R.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
COLLINS, A.H.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
CRYER, H.E.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
CULLIMORE, D.J.Special SergeantB2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
DANDO, G.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
DAVIS, A.J.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
DODD, F.W.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
GAZZARD, W.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
HAWKINS, R.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
HOMAN, R.P.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
JONES, S.R.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
LEWIS, K.D.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
NIBLETT, D.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
PULLEN, J.H.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
RIDDIFORD, R.T.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
SAGE, B.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
SAVERY, F.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
SPOUSE, F.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
WESLEY, W.E.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
WILLIAMS, C.G.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
WILLIAMS, F.C.B2 Division ThornburyAlveston Section
AYRES, A.J.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
BENSON, S.L.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
BREWER, L.G.Special InspectorB2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
BRYANT, R.A.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
BULLEN, A.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
CHAMPION, S.C.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
CHITTS, J.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
COLBORN, F.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
CORNOCK, F.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
CORNOCK, L.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
CORNOCK, S.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
DERRETT, C.H.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
DOWNS, A.F.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
DURN, A.F.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
FACE, F.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
GOSCOMBE, S.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
GOSCOMBE, W.T.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
HARRISON, D.G.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
ILES, R.E.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
PALMER, H.G.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
REYNOLDS, G.W.HSHSB2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
ROY, R.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
WATHEN, W.S.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
WEAVER, A.I.H.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
WHITE, W.A.B2 Division ThornburyCharfield Section
ALLEN, W.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
APPLEBY, A.B.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
ATHERTON, J.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
BEES, W.F.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
BENNETT, T.L.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
BENNETT, W.F.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
BOLLEN, B.F.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
BURTON, W.G.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
CLEAVER, D.W.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
DIBBLE, W.G.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
EVANS, W.H.Special SergeantB2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
FEBRY, H.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
FIRMAN, W.G.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
GALE, J.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
GREENAWAY, H.M.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
GREENAWAY, P.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
GRIVELL, C.E.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
HALL, B.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
HALL, J.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
HARFORD, M.W.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
HAWKINS, A.J.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
HEWETT, W.F.W.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
HINTON, W.E.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
HOWELL, R.G.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
HUDSON, W.E.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
HUGGINS, A.S.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
HULBERT, A.C.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
KENT, S.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
KING, H.S.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
LIVESEY, R.A.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
LUFF, E.S.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
NASH, F.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
OVENS, L.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
POWELL, E.H.J.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
PULLIN, C.J.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
REED, H.W.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
ROBERTS, W.A.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
ROWE, H.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
RUFF, G.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
SPITTLE, E.E.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
THOMPSON, W.E.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
TILY, R.W.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
TROTMAN, H.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
WALKER, P.L.E.Special InspectorB2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
WINSTONE, H.H.B2 Division ThornburyChipping Sodbury Section
BENDALL, E.P.Special SegeantB2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
BENNETT, S.T.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
BERRETT, C.A.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
BERRETT, C.R.D.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
COLE, J.W.A.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
COOMBES, W.J.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
DANDO, G.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
DANDO, W.T.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
DASH, W.G.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
DYER, C.E.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
ELLIOTT, A.J.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
FRY, L.J.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
GREVILLE, G.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
HOPES, G.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
HUBBLE, W.W.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
HULANDS, H.W.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
HUMPHRIES, H.E.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
KNIGHT, R.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
LANGLEY, E.R.Special  SergeantB2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
MALAM, R.W.F.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
MANN, G.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
PAYNE, R.G.H.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
PENNEY, R.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
ROBERTS, W.A.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
RODMAN, E.C.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
RUSSELL, M.L.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
RUSSELL, R.F.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
SKINNER, A.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
SMART, S.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
SMART, W.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
SOMERTON, C.E.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
TAYLOR, P.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
TIPTON, C.H.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
TOVEY, A.D.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
VIZARD, J.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
WILLCOX, D.R.B2 Division ThornburyCoalpit Heath Section
BAKER, J.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
BAKER, W.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
CHAPPELL, C.E.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
CLARK, W.T.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
COOPER, E.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
FARMILOE, W.F.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
GRIFFIN, H.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
HATHERELL, E.J.C.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
LIPPIATT, L.E.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
PARSONS, H.C.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
PUNTER, R.G.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
RODWAY, G.H.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
SMITH, D.J.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
SNELL, H.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
WATTS, M.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
WILKINSON, A.V.B2 Division ThornburyDidmarton Section
BEAK, L.D.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
CULLIMORE, J.L.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
FULLER, C.A.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
HOPKINS, A.V.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
HOPKINS, R.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
KERSHAW, P.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
KING, P.A.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
LANHAM, G.N.Head  Special  ConstableB2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
MARSHALL, L.G.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
MULCHINOCK, C.E.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
PAYNE, F.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
PAYNE, J.J.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
PAYNE, R.W.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
PHILLIPS, W.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
PHILLIPS, W.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
POPE, J.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
PRATT, G.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
PRATT, P.W.S.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
SMITH, A.E.Head  Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
TULLY, H.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
WALKER, L.J.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
WORLOCK, R.T.B2 Division ThornburyFalfield Section
BENNETT, F.W.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
CLARKE, W.E.HSB2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
CLIFFORD, W.W.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
COATES, W.T.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
DAVIES, T.J.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
FOX, H.W.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
HARRIS, W.W.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
HATHWAY, H.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
JONES, G.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
LOVE, R.J.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
MANSELL, G.A.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
OLDNALL, W.E.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
PARFITT, E.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
PULLIN, J.W.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
REED, H.G.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
ROBIN, F.J.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
STEVENS, G.W.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
STOKES, A.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
STOKES, H.T.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
STOKES, R.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
WHITE, H.R.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
WHITEHEAD, H.L.B2 Division ThornburyHallen Section
BAILEY, S.A.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
BAKER, R.W.Head Special  ConstableB2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
BEZAR, W.R.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
BLEAKEN, P.W.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
BROWNE, B.R.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
BUSH, L.J.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
CARTER, W.F.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
CHAPPELL, A.G.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
COOMBES, E.C.Special  SergeantB2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
DANIEL, T.W.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
DAVEY, A.J.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
GINGELL, I.S.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
HODGES, A.J.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
PALMER, H.C.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
PARKER, H.E.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
RANGER, F.M.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
ROACH, C.D.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
STINCHCOMBE, P.G.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
STINCHCOMBE, S.A.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
TUCK, J.E.W.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
WATTS, L.B2 Division ThornburyHawkesbury Upton Section
ARKELL, L.J.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
BENNETT, T.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
CURTIS, W.H.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
ELEY, W.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
ELLIS, M.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
FORREST, E.G.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
FORREST, W.G.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
GOULDING, W.H.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
HULL, H.C.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
JONES, W.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
KIDMAN, H.A.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
LEAKEY, R.A. SGTSpecial SergeantB2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
MORTIMER, S.L.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
ORGAN, G.E.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
PRITCHARD, H.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
RYMER, S.J.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
SKINNER, A.E.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
TANDY, A.C.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
TRAVELL, R.H.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
WHEELER, R.A.B2 Division ThornburyIron Acton Section
BLAKE, B.B.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
CARPENTER, E.E.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
COOK, A.H.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
DOWNES-HALL, J.Head Special SergeantB2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
ENGLAND, G.H.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
FISHLOCK, W.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
FULLER, E.J.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
FULLER, W.H.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
GREENLAND, J.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
HARDING, A.A.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
HAYES, R.E.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
KIDLEY, A.W.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
LONG, F.J.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
NEWMAN, H.M.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
PARSONS, A.E.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
PERKINS, A.L.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
PULLIN, E.E.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
PULLIN, H.A.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
RAWLINGS, W.A.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
SAVAGE, H.E.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
SMITH, G.C.B2 Division ThornburyMarshfield Section
BROWNING, G.A.B2 Division ThornburyNorth Nibley Section
ELLIOTT, R.C.B2 Division ThornburyNorth Nibley Section
EVANS, H. C.-M.B2 Division ThornburyNorth Nibley Section
MASON, E.A.B2 Division ThornburyNorth Nibley Section
MEEK, G.H.B2 Division ThornburyNorth Nibley Section
NIBLETT, W.B2 Division ThornburyNorth Nibley Section
PALMER, E.T.B2 Division ThornburyNorth Nibley Section
PARKER, C.T.B2 Division Thornbury)North Nibley Section
PURNELL, G.W.B2 Division ThornburyNorth Nibley Section
SHARP, H.C.G.B2 Division ThornburyNorth Nibley Section
TALLBOYS, J.W.J.B2 Division ThornburyNorth Nibley Section
CHURCHUS, W.H.B2 Division ThornburyOlveston Section
FORD, M.E.W.B2 Division ThornburyOlveston Section
HICKS, E.E.B2 Division ThornburyOlveston Section
HICKS, L.T.B2 Division ThornburyOlveston Section
McDONALD, R.B2 Division ThornburyOlveston Section
OLIVE, R.S.B2 Division ThornburyOlveston Section
STURGESS, T.S.B2 Division ThornburyOlveston Section
VOWLES, J.B2 Division ThornburyOlveston Section
WATKINS, W.H.B2 Division ThornburyOlveston Section
WHELPTON, J.B2 Division ThornburyOlveston Section
WHITE, A.J.B2 Division ThornburyOlveston Section
WHITE, F.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyOlveston Section
WILLCOX, C.H.B2 Division ThornburyOlveston Section
BALL, E.C.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
BOYETT, O.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
CHAPMAN, W.H.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
COOKE, M.H.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
FISHER, W.A.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
HANKS, J.H.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
HARDWELL, C.H.C.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
HOWSE, R.J.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
JONES, I.L.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
LOCK, F.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
MEACHIN, N.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
MURRAY, D.B.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
POPE, V.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
TANNER, W.P.Special SergeantB2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
WILLIAMS, E.R.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
WILLIAMS, H.F.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
WOOD, G.B2 Division ThornburyPilning Section
ALWAY, E.P.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
AMOS, E.G.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
ANSTEY, P.W.J.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
BALL, C.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
BENNETT, H.W.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
BLANCHARD, P.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
BOULTON, F.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
BOULTON, J.C.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
BUTLER, R.G.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
DRURY, F.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
FRANKCOM, N.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
FROST, A.L.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
FUSSELL, R.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
HIGGINS, J.H.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
LONG, H.G.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
MOSS, E.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
MOSS, F.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
MOSS, G.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
PACKER, W.G.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
PULLIN, L.W.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
REDWOOD, J.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
SALMON, A.J.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
SENIOR, J.A.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
SHERMAN, H.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
SHERMAN, W.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
WILLIAMS, G.O.B2 Division ThornburyPucklechurch  Section
ALWAY, M.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
AMOS, J.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
AMOS, S.F.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
ARNOLD, J.C.W.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
BEAVEN, F.E.P.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
BENNETT, F.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
BIDDLE, F.E.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
BLANCHARD, R.H.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
BROWN, C.W.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
BRYANT, G.H.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
BURGESS, A.E.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
CARVER, L.R.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
COOK, C.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
CROSS, F.E.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
DICKS, F.H.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
DIXON, D.J.H.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
DRISCOLL, F.G.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
FEWS, W.G.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
GARLAND, W.G.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
GAZZARD, G.J.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
GIBBS, A.V.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
HAND, P.H.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
HARRIS, J.H.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
HAYWARD, H.R.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
HEWLETT, N.G.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
HOOPER, W.H.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
JAY, B.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
JONES, T.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
KILMASTER, C.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
LAMBERT, W.T.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
LILLYWHITE, B.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
LIVALL, H.A.E.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
MacGURK, D.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
MOSS, A.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
NOWELL, A.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
ORD, G.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
PACKER, J.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
PACKER, R.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
PEARCE, H,V.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
PERRY, ALEX.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
PERRY, ALFRED.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
RABLEY, W.G.Special InspectorB2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
RICHARDSON, G.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
SALIS, J.P. Fane de,Special InspectorB2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
SHIPP, A.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
SMITH, L.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
SPRACKMAN, S.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
THURSTON, E.H.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
WALKER, H.E.G.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
WOTTON, C.H.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
YARNOLD, V.H.B2 Division ThornburyThornbury Section
AMBLIN, W.H.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
AMOS, A.W.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
AMOS, D.W.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
BEALE, C.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
BRYANT, W.A.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
DICKS, E.J.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
DREWETT, A.E.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
GILL, C.R.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
HEMBROUGH, A.E.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
KEMBREY, E.F.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
KIDNER, A.E.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
LING, A.W.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
LUCKER, C.R.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
MIZEN, G.E.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
ORCHARD, W.T.Special SergeantB2 Division ThornburyWick Section
PACKER, R.C.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
PACKER, W.C.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
ROSSITER, F.J.B.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
SNAILUM, J.E.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
SPILL, G.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
SPRULES, L.A.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
STOWE, W.C.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
SYMES, G.W.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
WATTS, G.E.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
WILLIAMS, E.G.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
WOODMAN, W.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
WRIGHT, C.B2 Division ThornburyWick Section
BAINES, T.I.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
BRADBRIDGE, C.H.D.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
BRIDGEMAN, A.J.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
BRIDGEMAN, D.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
BRIDGEMAN, J.F.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
BRIDGEMAN, W.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
CHAPPEL, T.S.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
CULLIMORE, W.V.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
DAVIS, W.W.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
DAY, E.A.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
FOWLER, G.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
FRY, F.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
GLENNY, P.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
HALL, K.G.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
HOLDER, J.C.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
HOOKER, E.H.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
JOBBINS, P.J.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
JONES, R.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
MARSH, E.R.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
MARSH, H.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
MARSH, R.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
MUSTY, C.W.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
NELMES, W.F.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
POWELL, V.J.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
PRITCHARD, O.J.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
ROBERTS, F.J.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
SCOTT, D.J.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
STACE, A.H.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
TOVEY, F.C.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
TREMBLING, S.G.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
WIMBOW, E.C.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
WITHERS, H.W.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
WONNACOTT, F.W.B2 Division ThornburyWickwar Section
BLANCHARD, C.A.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
BRITTON, F.H.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
BROWN, W.H.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
CANE, F.H.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
COLLETT, A.G.C.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
COOK, V.H.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
FELLOWS, F.E.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
HACKER, A.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
HARFORD, W.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
HOLBROOK, F.C.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
HUTTON, A.G.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
JARVIS, G.S.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
JEFFERIES, S.L.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
JONES, J.T.R.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
KEATES, H.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
LOWE, W.A.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
LUDWELL, H.W.N.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
MAGGS, G.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
MAGGS, G.G.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
MAGGS, J.T.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
MEADEN, F.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
NICHOLLS, R.B.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
PIMM, J.H.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
PLAYER,P.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
SMART, A.Special SergeantB2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
SMITH, D.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
SMITH, F.B.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
TELLING, W.F.A.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
THOMAS, G.R.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
THOMPSON, V.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
THORNELL, E.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
TILLEY, F.W.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
TURNER, C.K.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
WARE, K.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
WEAVER, A.E.B2 Division ThornburyWinterbourne Section
BAKER, J.H.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
BRANT, C.R.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
BREADMAN, C.F.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
BRUTON, W.A.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
CHIDLAW, F.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
CLOSE, E.J.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
COLBORN, G.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
CORNLOCK, L.G.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
CORNOCK, N.A.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
DUFFIELD, E.C.Head Special ConstableB2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
EVES, A.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
FISKE, C.E.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
FOXWELL, W.J.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
HALL, W.M.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
HINDER. A.W.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
HOOD, W.E.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
JEFFREY, J.H.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
JOTCHAM, A.H.Special SergeantB2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
KEYNTON, H.R.Special  SergeantB2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
KEYNTON, W.A.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
LAUDER. C.G.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
LINDLEY, E.S.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
LOGAN, A.C.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
NEIL, A.W.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
PAGETT, P.F.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
PALMER, H.G.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
PROSSER, F.H.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
PULLEN, W.T.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
ROGERS, E.J.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
SIMS, T.J.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
SMITH, W.C.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
STINCHCOMBE, H.T.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
STOKES, A.B2 Division ThornburyWotton-under Edge Section
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