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Early officers who joined the Constabulary as Superintendents do not appear to have their details entered in the Register of Rural Constabulary. The Register is where much of the information about officers who joined before 1919 comes from.

Thomas  Basson

Warrant number 1426, joined 6th October 1855, height 5ft 7, previous occupation labourer, born Prestbury.
Promoted Sergeant 1st July 1873.
Promoted 3rd Class Superintendent 1st November 1878.

2nd May 1888 mismanaging a case under the licensing act. It appears to me that this case has been mismanaged. If Mr Basson had got into the Wheatsheaf when he heard voices in the front bar, he would have found these persons on the premises and a conviction would probably have followed. 3rd May 1888 Henry Christian.

11th August 1888 not seeing that the order directing a constable to note in his diary when he proceeds on duty in plain clothes was carried out at Guiting. I am surprised that Superintendent Basson does see my orders carried out. He must not be guilty of such neglect of duty again. 13th August 1888 Henry Christian.

Superannuated 1st November 1891 on £80 7/2d per annum.

Richard Bennett 

Warrant number 477, joined 12th May 1842, height 5 ft 9, previous occupation clerk, born Taunton Devon.

Promoted Sergeant on the 1st May 1843.
Promoted Superintendent on the 1st January 1845.
Resigned on the 14th June 1847.

The Cheltenham Examiner September 18th 1861 announces the death :On September 2nd 1861 at Wolverhampton, aged 47, Mr Richard Bennet Inspector of Police of that town, formerly of Superintendent of Police at Campden.

William Bennett 

Warrant number 249, joined 2nd March 1840, height 5ft 7¾, previous occupation stationer, born Thundridge Hertfordshire.

Promoted Sergeant on the 1st February 1841.
Promoted Superintendent on the 1st October 1843.
Dismissed 15th April 1853 for gross neglect of duty.

James Bick

Warrant numbers 339 and 635, joined 1st December 1840 and 15th December 1843, previous occupation shoemaker, born Aston Herefordshire.

Discharged between 1840 and 1843 then dismissed 1st September 1862.
Promoted to the rank of Sergeant 1st December 1846.
Promoted to rank of Superintendent 16th April 1853.
Promoted 1st Class Superintendent 1st January 1857.

The Gloucestershire Chronicle December 16th 1843 reports that Police Constables James Bick and William Jones were charged with the manslaughter of Llewellyn Alley in Tetbury. The case was eventually dismissed.

16th August 1855 removed from Gloucester to Stow District vice Superintendent Makepeace to Gloucester.

1st January 1857 removed to Dursley vice Superintendent Makepeace to Campden.

Dismissed 1st September 1860 for not sending into Head Quarters an application of Sergeant John Watts from the Wottonunderedge station on the 17th and 21st August 1860and stating gross falsehoods to the Chief Constable concerning it, also for having borrowed money from Sergeant Watts and keeping back his months pay on one occasion which was added to the debt due Sergeant Watts. The case was investigated before four magistrates at Dursley on the 31st August 1860 and Superintendent Bick was dismissed the force by order of the Chief Constable.

The Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard October 20th 1860 reports that James Bick late superintendent of police was adjudged to be the father of the illegitimate child of Emily Smith and ordered to pay 1s 6d per week .

Died 1880.

Thomas Box 

Warrant number 185, joined 10th February 1840, height 5ft 9 ½, previous occupation shoemaker, born Shipton Moyne.

Joined on the 10th February 1840 as 1st Class Constable.
Reduced to 2nd Class Constable 1st October 1842.
Promoted 1st Class Constable 1st March 1843.
Promoted to Sergeant 1st June 1846.
Promoted to Superintendent 1st April 1849.

9th February 1856 severely reprimanded by the Chief Constable or not properly visiting his out stations at night during the month of January last.

31st January 1858 reprimanded for not reporting the full particulars of the arrest of James Davies and Thomas ?? by Second Class Joseph Stinton at Hanbrook, the case in first instance being reported by Sergeant Browning.

Died in service at Staple Hill April 26th 1866.

Hugh Brown 

Warrant number 740, joined 21st April 1845, height 5ft 10, previous occupation cloth worker, born Horsley.

Promoted Sergeant 1st September 1848.
Promoted Inspector 1st August 1866.
Promoted 3rd Class Superintendent 1868.

24th January 1848 for absenting himself from his station at Charlton Kings for a longer period than his duty required. Reprimanded.

23rd November 1862 for not forwarding a proper report to his Superintendent respecting a lamb slaughtered and stolen in the Forest. Not punished on account of his good character.

9th August 1858 for assaulting William Sherman and Giles Brain, also drinking in a Beer House at Quarry Hill in company with Sergeant Samuel Beard. The Sergeant has acted very improperly in this case. Not punished but to be cautioned by his Superintendent.

12 years service as Constable in Forest of Dean, 7 years as Sergeant in Gloucester, 15 months as Inspector at Tewkesbury the Superintendent at Dursley.

Died Dursley 10th July 1869 aged 48 years.

Edwin Chappell 

Joined 17th February 1840.
Resigned on the 6th November 1840.
No further information.

Erasmus Charlton

Joined the 1st January 1840.
Resigned on the 23rd February 1841.

The Gloucestershire Chronicle 10th April 1841 states that Mr Erasmus Charlton was elected to fill the office of Governor of Horsley Gaol in place of Mr Marklove who had been suspended for some time.

Edward Chipp 

Warrant number 1582, joined 1st March 1858, height 5ft 8, previous occupation labourer, born Worcester.

Promoted Sergeant 1st November 1865.
Promoted Inspector 1st April 1868.
Promoted 3rd Class Superintendent 1st November 1869.
Promoted 2nd Class Superintendent 18th August 1871.
Promoted Deputy Chief Constable 11th July 1877.

10th May 1862 for not reporting some irregularities by militia men of Gloster to Mr Superintendent Griffin in place of mentioning it to the Editor of The Gloster Mercury. Constable Chipp has acted very wrong in this case by not at once reporting it to his Superintendent who would have called on the commanding officer. He is to be cautioned to be more particular.

1st September 1889 causing the arrest of a notorious convict in Gloucester who had escaped from Brecon Gaol. Very great credit is due to Mr Chipp for the means he took to have this man arrested and also to Sergeant Williams who assisted him. 6th September 1889 Henry Christian.

Died at Gloster July 19th 1892.

According to The Gloucestershire Chronicle December 31st 1892 reporting the opening of the Guildhall on July 12th 1892. A melancholy event happened towards the close of the post prandial proceedings in the very sudden death of Mr Deputy Chief Constable Chipp just after he left the dining table.

Coleman Charles

Warrant number 330, joined 14th November 1840, height 5ft 7 ½, previous occupation labourer, born King Stanley.

Served 23 years and 7 months had never been reported.
Promoted 1st Class Constable 1st May 1841.
Promoted Sergeant 25th August 1842.
Promoted 2nd Class Superintendent 1st August 1855.

From The Cheltenham Examiner November 9th 1864. Mr Superintendent Coleman after a connection of twenty four years with the police force of this county, having through ill health, brought on principally by the harassing and fatiguing nature of the duties of his office, been compelled to relinquish the same.

Superannuated 1st November 1864 on £70 per annum.

Edward Critchley 

Warrant number 1825, joined 14th June 1862, height 5ft 9, previous occupation baker, born Barton St Mary Gloucester.

Promoted Sergeant 1st April 1870.
Promoted 3rd Class Superintendent 1st July 1878.
Promoted 2nd Class Superintendent 1st March 1892.

18th May 1871 drinking at the Jovial Colliers Nailbridge being under the influence of liquor and causing a great disturbance by challenging an excavator who was drinking in the house to fight on the 16th inst.
I have given this case my most serious consideration and have come to the conclusion that the charge of drunkenness has not been fully proved but on the other hand Sergeant Critchley has been guilty of the most gross impropriety and had not this been the first report entered against him I should most certainly have reduced him to 1st Class Constable. I will however give him the benefit of his former good conduct. He is fined one weeks pay.
I sincerely trust that the Sergeant will take warning by what has occurred and never again allow himself to be induced to enter a Public House except when on duty.
19th May 1871 Henry Christian.

7th September 1871 not delivering a knife over to the Gaol authorities, which had been found upon a man named Frederick Hulbert when apprehended, the knife not being found. Sergeant Critchley will purchase a new two bladed knife as similar as possible to the one lost and have it delivered to the gaol authorities. I am exceedingly displeased with Sergeant Critchley’s neglect and carelessness in this case. I must fairly warn him that if such a thing occurs again the result will be most seriously to him. 9th September 1871 Henry Christian.

Assault on the police at Woodside on the night on 12th October 1874, 9 prisoners arrested.
I attended at Littledean yesterday and heard the evidence for the prosecution which was not in the slightest degree shaken in cross examination.
The prisoners were all convicted and two men named Smith and Williams were sentenced to four months the remainder to one months imprisonment.
The conduct of Sergeant Critchley in this case was highly creditable and will be noted in the books at this office. I have also much pleasure in expressing my approval of the manner Constables French, Wood and Hill did their duty on this occasion.
Although I highly disapprove of constables using their staves except in self-defence and when hard pressed I am of the opinion that in the case Sergeant Critchley did not give the order for their use until it became absolutely necessary to do so.
This memorandum is to be copied to each man’s diary. 23rd October 1874 Henry Christian.

Pensioned 1st November 1897.
Died September 1900.

Stephen Day 

Warrant number 839, joined 8th September 1846, height 5ft 8, previous occupation labourer, born Eastington.

Promoted 2nd Class Superintendent 1st November 1864 to the Tewkesbury and Cheltenham District
1869 Superintendent in Cheltenham.

The Cheltenham Chronicle 4th May 1880 reports that Superintendent Day met with  a serious accident, when travelling in a cart on Cleeve Hill the wheel came off. This  ultimately led to the end of his career.

Superannuated 1st November 1883 £120 per annum.
Died January 1901.

William Ellison

Warrant number 792, joined 24th January 1846, height 5ft 8 ½, previous occupation Tailor, born Minety Gloucestershire.

Promoted Sergeant 1st April 1856.
Promoted 3rd Class Superintendent 1st May 1866.
1869 at Chipping Sodbury.
1871 at Thornbury.

18th May 1847 For absenting himself for 6 hours without leave from his station at Stonehouse. Reprimanded.

9th May 1848 for allowing a prisoner to escape from the Blakeney station. As Superintendent Lauder had not furnished handcuffs to the station, not punished.

16th August 1848 for improperly interfering in a case where two men had been summoned for drunkenness by allowing them to settle the matter by paying the costs. Removed from charge of the Blakeney Station.

20th April 1850 for neglecting to report his arrival at the Cheltenham Station when in pursuit of two men who had committed a murder at Newport. Reduced to 2nd Class Constable for 3 months.

25th January 1874 not sending in a report made by Dr Long against Police Constable Vick of the Thornbury Station as soon as he could have.
I must express my disapprobation at the length of time taken by Mr Ellison in sending in this report at the very latest it ought to have arrived at this office by Friday morning (January 23rd). This is not the first time I have had to report on the dilatory way the Superintendent has lately done his duty. If a change does not take place I shall have to find someone do the work in a more satisfactory manner. Henry Christian January 29th 1874.

Superannuated 1st July 1878 too ill for further duty.

Forfeited pension by order of Quarter Sessions April 1879  having been committed of forgery February 15th 1879 (while he was Superintendent at Chipping Sodbury). According to The Citizen 15th February 1879 he was sentenced to 5 years penal servitude.

William Seal Evans 

Joined 17th February 1840.

Discharged on the 1st October 1843 for contracting debts in the Campden District which he was unable to pay.

George Everiss

Warrant number 2215, joined 1st January 1870, height 5ft 9, previous occupation labourer, born Longford.

Promoted to Sergeant 1st July 1880.
Promoted to Inspector 1st November 1891.
Promoted 2nd Class Superintendent 1st August 1892.
1905 Superintendent at Stow.

1st July 1870 for neglect of night duty and not properly patrolling his beat at Cheltenham. Fined two days pay. 18th July 1870 Henry Christian.

7th June 1875 for fighting with Constable Pick at Cirencester Station. Constable Everiss acted improperly in fighting with Constable Pick, as it is evident he received considerable provocation I will not punish him but he is warned as to his future conduct. 9th June 1875 Henry Christian.

18th October 1877 apprehending two men for larceny when the prisoners severely assaulted him. Constable Everiss deserves great credit for the way he did his duty on this occasion. The case will be duly entered 26th December 1877 Henry Christian.

Pensioned 1st November 1905 £93 6s 8d.
Died February 1911.

Grantley Ford

Warrant number 2243, joined 2nd July 1870, height 5ft 10, previous occupation labourer, born Coaley.

Promoted Sergeant 1st July 1877.
Promoted 3rd Class Superintendent 1st November 1880.
Promoted 2nd Class Superintendent 1st November 1883.
Promoted 1st Class Superintendent 1892.
Superintendent in Forest at time of Murder of Sergeant Morris.

30th October 1871 for exceeding his duty and being insolent to Mr Neville Ashbee at the entrance of the Gloster Theatre. With reference to this report I find that Police Constable Grantley Ford was sent to the theatre to prevent obstructions.
By Mr Ashbee’s own letter it is shown that he refused to move on when requested to do so by the constable. I am therefore of the opinion that the constable did not exceed his duty.
Mr Griffin will however warn the constable that in any similar case no more force is used than is absolutely necessary. 4th November 1871 Henry Christian.

1st August 1889 displaying great tact and energy in taking steps which led to the arrest of several men engaged in a prize fight in Lydney. I wish to officially record I have already personally informed all of the officers engaged in this case of my warm approval of the steps taken by Superintendent Ford to prevent this prize fight and also of the conduct of Sergeant Clarke and Constables Murphy, Wilks, Newport and Slatter.
This approval will be noted in the conduct book 6th August 1889 Henry Christian.

Pensioned 1st November 1904.
Died 29th December 1913.

Thompson Thomas Gordon 

Warrant number 23, joined 1st January 1840, height 5ft 9, previous occupation farmer, born Painswick.

Promoted Superintendent on 1st May 1840.
Superannuated 1st July 1862.

Charles Griffin.

Warrant number 42, joined 17th January 1840, height 5ft 11 ¼, previous occupation labourer, born Tetbury.

Promoted Sergeant 1st January 1841.
Promoted Superintendent 1st August 1844.
Promoted Deputy Chief Constable 1st April 1867.

21st March 1848 for great irregularity as to the manner in which he allowed the check tickets to be distributed and collected in the Gloucester District. Severely reprimanded.

Superannuated 1st July 1877 on £170 per annum.

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