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Early officers who joined the Constabulary as Superintendents do not appear to have their details entered in the Register of Rural Constabulary. The Register is where much of the information about officers who joined before 1919 comes from.

John  Nicholls 

Joined on the 1st December 1839.

2nd May 1848 for neglect of duty in not seeing the Barrack Regulations properly attended to at the Berkeley Station. Fined £2 and if a similar occurrence takes place he will be dismissed.

September 1853 removed from Dursley to Cheltenham to act as Deputy Chief Constable.

Died at Cheltenham March 8th 1867.

James Otway

Joined 1st January 1840.

Reduced to constable on 27th January 1840 for neglect of duty in allowing a prisoner to escape at Stow.

Resigned on 27th January 1840.

Ezekiel Perkins

Warrant number 3198, joined 10th April1889, height 5ft 9¼, previous occupation Blake Hook Maker, born Studley, Warwickshire.

Promoted Sergeant 1st November 1897.
Promoted 2nd Class Superintendent 1st February 1903.
Promoted 1st Class Superintendent 1st February 1907.

1st July 1903 arresting 10 men for rioting at Berkeley when labour dispute was on at Sharpness Docks and were committed for trial. I am most pleased with the efficient way Superintendent Perkins worked up this prosecution and the subsequent enquiries for the Metro Police. 2nd July 1907 Henry Christian.

Deputy Chief Constable Nehemiah Philpott joined the police force 19th April 1857, was appointed Superintendent and Deputy Chief Constable on 13th July 1892 and retired on 31st January 1902.
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2647)

Nehemiah Philpott 

Warrant number 1458 and 1547, joined 19th April 1856 and 17th August 1857, height 5ft 10½, previous occupation blacksmith, born Wickwar.

Promoted Sergeant 1st August 1865.
Promoted Inspector 1st November 1869.
Promoted 3rd Class Superintendent 1st October 1872.
Promoted 2nd Class Superintendent 1st November 1878.
Promoted 1st Class Superintendent 1st March 1892.
Promoted Deputy Chief Constable 13th July 1892.

1st March 1859 absenting himself for 8 hours longer than he should have done when sent on duty from Gloucester to Nettleton. As this was his first offence he will not be punished but if again reported will be severely punished. Anthony Thomas Lefroy Chief Constable.

9th October 1860 not reporting to his Superintendent Mr Coleman relative to a pane of glass broken in the Reverend Mr Townsend’s window and the gate of the churchyard at Bishops Cleeve being broken. If again guilty of such gross neglect of duty he will be removed from charge of a station at once. Anthony Thomas Lefroy Chief Constable.

10th January 1887 working up a case of murder against Edward Pritchard and William Noyes at Stroud. I cannot allow this case to close, as far as the police are concerned without expressing my high appreciation of the admirable manner Mr Philpott got it up. Henry Christian 11th January 1887.

Pensioned 1st February 1902

Thomas Pilkington 

Joined 1st December 1839.

Died on 13th March 1844.

David  Rawle 

Warrant number 1111, joined 2nd September 1850, height 5ft 8½, previous occupation labourer, born Donnington Devon.

Promoted 1st Class Constable 1st May 1852.
Promoted Sergeant 1st September 1855.
Promoted 3rd Class Superintendent 1st August 1860.
Promoted 2nd Class Superintendent 1st July 1862.

Called upon to explain why some entries made by him in the diaries at Thornbury and other statements in his district were written in so disgraceful a manner.
I consider the excuse made by Superintendent Rawle worse than the deed itself however the latter part of his explanation is satisfactory, consequently I trust the Superintendent will be more particular for the future. Anthony Thomas Lefroy Chief Constable 29th January 1881.

Superannuated on £118 per annum 1st November 1881

Edwin Riddiford

Warrant number 265, joined 4th May 1840, height 5ft 9, previous occupation tailor, born Alderley.

Promoted to rank of Sergeant on the 1st August 1842.
Promoted to the rank of Superintendent on the 1st July 1850.

Superannuated on 5/- per day 1st November 1869.

Thomas Russell 

Joined the 1st December 1839. The Gloucestershire Chronicle on 21st December 1839 states that he was one of the first constables sworn in.

1st January 1845 discharged for quarrelling and being impertinent to the Deputy Chief Constable Mr Charles Keily.

Edwin Russell 

Warrant numbers 769 and 907, joined 23rd September 1845 and 10th August 1847, height 5ft 10, previous occupation labourer, born Tockington.

Promoted Sergeant 1st November 1852.
Promoted 3rd Class Superintendent 11th July 1869.

24th October 1847 for immoral conduct with Emma Millard a married woman in the Staple Hill sub district. Taken before the magistrates and severely reprimanded.

26th July 1862 for allowing a female prisoner named Ann Hayward under remand foe larceny to escape from his custody at Sodbury. Not punished as the female was retaken. Severely reprimanded.

24th August 1869 for being drunk at an inquest at Dursley held by William Gaisford Esq Coroner. Reduced to the rank of Sergeant and removed to Stroud.

Superannuated as a Sergeant on 2/1 per day January 8th 1880.

George  Seys

Warrant number 379, joined 20th April 1841, height 5ft 9, previous occupation labourer, born Tiddenham.

Promoted to the rank of Sergeant on the 1st June 1847.
Promoted to the rank of 2nd Class Superintendent 1st March 1850.
Removed to Stroud 1st August 1855 vice Hay to Cheltenham.
Promoted 1st Class Superintendent 1st April 1857.

23rd March 1859 Removing the shutter breaking the window of the shop of Mr Cotta at Stroud on the night of 23rd March and removing therefrom a clock and some trinkets. Reduced to Second Class Superintendent and removed to Stow on the Wold. 5th April Anthony Thomas Lefroy Chief Constable.

The Cheltenham Chronicle 5th April 1859 reports that a charge had been brought against Superintendent Seys for neglect of duty which was heard at Stroud Town Hall.  The case was  discharged as the superintendent was found not to be drunk just indiscrete.

Superintendent Seys must pay more attention to the writing of his reports and coroners notices which are provided to this office. I regret to see such a one as this forwarded by him and hope the one to the coroner was not like it.13th February 1864 Anthony Thomas Lefroy Chief Constable.

Superannuated 1st October 1872 0n 5/10d per day.

William Taylor

Warrant number 657, joined 16th April 1844, height 5ft 9¾, previous occupation labourer, born Sulgrave Northamptonshire.

Promoted 1st Class constable 1st December 1845.
Promoted Sergeant 15th July 1850.
Promoted 2nd class Superintendent 1st September 1855 to Gloucester.
Promoted 1st Class Superintendent 1st November 1859 to Coleford.

On Friday 5th August 1864 on the Chief Constable visiting the Coleford Station in company with Captain Willis the Government Inspector of Constabulary he received a complaint from Mr D Smith against Superintendent Taylor that he had seduced his (Mr Smith’s) daughter.
The Superintendent was written to on the 7th and suspended and a copy of Mr Smith’s letter sent to him. J Fortescue Brickdale Esq and General Woosenam Justices of the Peace met Mr Lefroy by appointment on Monday the 15th inst. When the Superintendent tendered his resignation which the Chief Constable accepted and entered the following minute thereon.
Accepted in consequence of his length of service and previous good character to which J Fortescue Esq and Major General Woosenam JP who attended to investigate the charges against the Superintendent with me. 15th August 1864 Anthony Thomas Lefroy Chief Constable.

Resigned 16th August 1864.

John Townsend 

Joined the 15th March 1840.

Died on the 16th June 1842.

Superintendent Webb in Cirencester 1907.
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 8714)

Frank Webb 

Warrant number 2804, joined 1st September 1881, height 5ft 9½, previous occupation, born Lower Swell.

Promoted Sergeant 1st April 1891.
Promoted Inspector 1st May 1899.
Promoted 2nd Class Superintendent 1st November 1901.

28th April 1902 for the creditable way he conducted a case against Albert E Selby and Richard Enoch under the betting act for which the former was fined £100 and £5 19/6 costs and the latter was bound over. also complimented by the justices. Superintendent Webb and also the other officers engaged in this case deserve great credit for the efficient manner this case has been worked. 29th April 1902 Henry Christian.

Died 9th September 1905 Cirencester.




James White 

Warrant number 416, joined 11th August 1841, height 5ft 8½, previous occupation labourer, born Cambridge.

Promoted Sergeant 1st August 1845.
Promoted 1st Class Superintendent 16th August 1864 to the Forest District Superintendent Taylor allowed to resign.

Dismissed August 17th 1871 for neglect of duty in not visiting his stations in the Forest District at night according to the circular order and making false returns of duty to the Chief Constable.

Edward Wilkinson 

Joined 22nd July 1853 and appointed Deputy Chief Constable.

Resigned 1st July 1855.Newspaper reports of the time show that there was a court case and he had to resign because he took liberties with Mrs Gordon the wife of a policeman. He had been  appointed to replace Deputy Chief Constable Charles Keily who absconded with the Constabulary payroll.

William Wood 

Warrant number 654, joined 1st April 1844, height 6ft, previous occupation labourer, born Wotton under Edge.

Promoted Sergeant 1st November 1848.
Promoted Inspector 1st August 1866.
Promoted 3rd Class Superintendent 18th August 1871.

6th December 1854 for allowing a prisoner to escape from his custody when policing him in the lock up at Tetbury. The prisoner was afterwards retaken.
Taken before the magistrates and cautioned as to his future conduct.

Superannuated on the 1st November 1886 at £80 7/2d per annum

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