Coalpit Heath Police Station

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We were set a challenge to provide information about Coalpit Heath Police Station

 Despite the name of the police station being Coalpit Heath  the officers stationed there were stationed at Frampton Cottrell according to their records of service. This was an ‘in charge’ station which normally meant that there was a senior constable in charge and a more junior colleague who was probably living in a different part of the village/district.

While looking for information the search was  confused by  different names used and the fact that the first station was in Woodend Road and the second in Badminton Road. The areas were also  described as Coalpit Heath Police Station, Goose Green and Adams Land, probably easy to understand if you live in Coalpit Heath but not so easy from Police Headquarters in Gloucester.

Coalpit Heath Police Station1903
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 10855)

The following officers were found to be stationed in Coalpit Heath. We do not have information on them all.


1897 P.C. 173 Charles Wembridge


Police Constable 173 at Coalpit Heath.
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 10433)










During his time at Coalpit Heath he had 2 commendations

  1. Arrest in company with P.C. Watts a man named Arthur Watson for stealing a bicycle  for which he was sentenced to 3 month hard labour.
  2. Complimented by the justices at Sodbury for his tact and manner in working up a larceny case

He retired in 1913


1913 P.C. 179 Thomas Archer

From 1909 Archer was the junior constable then in 1913 became in charge . He was pensioned in 1926

During his time at Coalpit Heath he had  2 commendations

  1. Detection- larceny of potatoes
  2. Detection and arrest larceny of groceries



1926 P.C. 204 Cecil Wiggett

Staff Training – Gas protection equipment.
Left to right: Chief Constable Stanley-Clarke, Mounted Patrol Officer Police Constable Tuffley, Motor Patrol Officer Richard Pole, In protective clothing- Police Sergeant Wiggett, Motor Patrol Police Constable (Unknown) Police Sergeant Matt Wilmott, Superintendent Joe W.P. Goulder.
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 95)












In 1928 he was posted to Hopewell Street Gloucester

During his time at Coalpit Heath he had 4  commendations 

  1. Obtaining money by false pretences
  2. Larceny of money from milk jugs
  3. Detection and proving a case of keeping a gaming house
  4. Detection and arrest indecent exposure


1928 P.C. 379 George Gardner

Promoted Sergeant  in 1933 and posted to Gloucester

During his time at Coalpit Heath he had 7 commendations

  1. Prompt actions upon receiving complaint of game trespass and assault leading to the detection of the wanted man
  2. Detection-selling cider without a justices licence
  3. Detection – receiving stolen goods
  4. Detection and arrest larceny of money
  5. Prompt and efficient action upon outbreak of fire
  6. Detection and arrest larceny of a bicycle
  7. Detection and arrest larceny of fowls


1933 P.C. 308 Arthur E Smith

Promoted Sergeant in 1936 and posted to Gloucester

During his time at Coalpit Heath he had 4 commendations

  1. Detection and arrest warehouse breaking
  2. Prompt and efficient dealing with a fatal aeroplane accident
  3. Detection and arrest taking a motor car without the consent of the owner
  4. Detection – using unlicensed motor car and fraudulent use of a road fund licence


1936 P.C. 365 Robert Prior

Nothing else known about him


1945 P.C.249 William Horton

Posted to  to Lydney 1953

During his time at Coalpit Heath he had 10 commendations

  1. Detection- larceny of fowls and oar battery
  2. Detection- larceny of stores from a colliery
  3. Detection- larceny of lead cable and receiving stolen property
  4. Detection -fraudulent use of Road Fund Licence and other motoring offences
  5. Detection- fraudulent conversion
  6. Detection and arrest of two men responsible for a series of thefts from motorcars
  7. Efficient manner in which he conducted enquiries leading to detection of offender responsible for a number of cases of larceny and receiving
  8. Keen observation and efficient actions which resulted in the conviction of 3 men for stealing and receiving a large quantity of paraffin oil
  9. Persistent enquiries leading to the detection of larceny of a motor tyre
  10. Efficient protracted enquiries resulting in detection of larceny of electric cable



1953 P.S 256 Edgar Day

Police Constable 256 Edgar Day.
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 8542)
















He died at Coalpit Heath Police Station on 23rd June 1958.

During his time at Coalpit Heath he had 2 commendations

  1. Detection and arrest of entering and frequenting for the purpose of betting
  2. Detection of an offence of larceny


1958 PC 143 Richard Watkins

We know that he arrived in Coalpit Heath in 1958 but that is all the information that we have.



Thornbury Division Coalpit Heath Section.
Back Row: Special Constables Mann, Rodman, Hulands, Vizard, Coombes, Elliott, Roberts.
Middle Row: Special Constables Dando W, Dando G, Taylor, Tovey, Bennett, Hubble, Knight, Payne, Russell R, Berrett, Cole.
Seated: Head Special Constable Russell M, Special Superintendent Nelson Rooke, Commandant Sleeman, Special Inspector Walker, Police Constable Prior, Police Sergeant Langley.
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6963)

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