The Day Job Gallery 5

1960s and 70s

Officers on parade on the steps of Cheltenham Police Station, Crescent Place. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2465)
Photograph from an old negative
Police Officers, police dog and police van.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2483)
Photograph from an old negative
Police Constable Ken Price on an Ariel Leader talking to a lorry driver. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2486)
Photograph from an old negative
Two police officers in a boat looking for missing children in Tewkesbury.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2487)
Photograph from an old negative
Police Constable later Police Sergeant 629 'Sid' Jones keeps a respectful distance from a bee swarm. Cambray Cheltenham, 1961. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 9032)
Keeping the crowds back! Crowd control at an unknown location, possibly late 1960's. Left to right; Police Constable Trent Davis ; Police Constable Roger Turley; Police Constable Dave Cresswell; unknown; Police Constable Phil Marsh. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2218)
Police Constables Les Skuse and Ken Barker dealing with a road traffic accident at junction of A46 and A420. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 936-1)
Sergeant Mike Perry with firearms handed in at a firearms amnesty session. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1077)
1966 a mobile classroom being moved through Andoversford on its way to Fishponds. The railings on the right of the photograph are outside the police station (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2095-1)
Police Constable 55 Don Gibbard on Severn Bridge 1966. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1667)
Dave Stevens with Riley Two-Point-Six, patrol car UDG 435. Only 2000 of these were built between 1957-59. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1937-3)
Photograph from Graham Stevens and further information from Harry Neal.
Police Sergeant Des Gay of Chipping Campden with local children in the 1970's. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2065)
Police Sergeant 553 Des Gay of Chipping Campden with Police Constable (later Inspector) Wayne Freeth-Selway writing reports by gas-lamp probably during the power-cuts of the 1970's. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2062 )
Police Sergeant Michael Barrett with weapons handed in during a Firearms Amnesty. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1622)
Police Constable 614 Ted Moore doing his beat on a bike Cirencester 1979. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2087)
Police Constables giving road safety lessons to children at Charlton Kings Infant School in the 1970s. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 9899)
Photograph from Geoff Bridgman
Woman Police Constables Debbie Croome and Sue Nield in 1979 escorting St John's Ambulance during a parade through Cheltenham both carrying issue handbags. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 10910)
A lorry carrying salt and vinegar flavouring through Dursley crashed into the Whitbread New Inn pub, leaving Woodmancote ‘smelling like a packet of crisps’ for three months. On Wednesday April 7, 1971, a lorry was transporting ingredients to Draycott for the company Spice and Flavour in Cam, which is now Lucas Ingredients, when it hit the New Inn’s wooden annex between 9am and 10am. Police Sergeant Pip Lawrence attended. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 11184)
Photograph from Martyn Hillier
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  • Ref comment above I am sure that the officer next to Roger Turley is Constable Tony Wilcox who was Officer in charge at Prestbury when I was stationed at Whaddon in 1965/66

    By Chris Phillips (22/05/2020)
  • (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2218)
    The officer on the left standing next to Roger Turley looks like Trent Davis

    By Les Abbott (22/04/2018)

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