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Newpaper article recounting incidents in 1888 and referring to the arrest of a drunk woman by Police Constable Barting (name not found in list of officers 1839 - 1919) of Bearlands Gloucester, reported in the Gloucester Journal. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1713)
Cheltenham High Street with a police officer on the street corner. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 9421)
Two uniformed officers and crowd in wide street or market place possibly waiting for a procession to pass. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2229)
Police officers on the Promenade Cheltenham near Promenade Gardens, thought to be 1907. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2633)
Police officers on the Promenade Cheltenham near Promenade Gardens, thought to be 1907. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2633-2)
Police Sergeant 278 Herbert Antell at Cirencester market. March 1907. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2116)
Police Officer standing in Gloucester Street Stroud decorated for the Agricultural show June 1907. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 9423)
The Kings progress to The Royal Show Gloucester 23rd June 1909. Police officers and soldiers seen lining the streets with the crowd behind them. Thought to be outside 65 Northgate Street. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 9420)
The King at Gloucester Guildhall on 23rd June 1909 . Two senior officers in the bottom left hand corner of the photograph. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 9419)
Police contingent outside the Guildhall for the proclamation of King George V 9th May 1910. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 9422)
Officers talking to a motorist in King Street Stroud.The policeman at the front is Sergeant Sam Spicer, the other policeman is constable Neal, and the driver is Tom Reed in a 1908 Wolseley. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 11183)
Police Sergeant at Horfield, Gloucestershire. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2628)
Gloucester officers in Westgate Street, escorting the crew of HMS Gloucester visit to town on 12 January 1911. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2622)
Officers in capes at Gloucester Park 17 August 1912. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2624)
Sergeant 28 John Brooks and Police Constable 144 Frederick Ball guarding the gates of Gloucester Vinegar Factory works during staff strike 02-09-1912. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 3593)
Detective Constable 379 Ernest Towell (Left) and Inspector John Whyton (Right) with two arson suspects in Cheltenham 1912 . On Sunday 21st December 1913 about 5 o'clock, a fire was observed to break out at Alstone Lawn , an empty mansion standing in the Gloucester Road Cheltenham surrounded by some acres of its own grounds, the fire brigade was promptly called and the place was almost miraculously saved, the fire having well got hold. Two unknown suffragettes were arrested the same morning and were remanded at the police court on Monday. Their boots and stockings which were soaked in paraffin were taken from them and they absolutely refused to put others on. They were taken to Worcester Gaol by Inspector Whyton and detective Towell, the former is carrying the shoes and stockings. They refused to put up their hair and went barefoot to Worcester. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 3465 )
Insp Benjamin Butt and his men, in Faulkner St, Glos, at the funeral of Nehemiah Philpott (ex-Deputy Chief Constable ) 04 March 1914. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2623)
Police Constable 139 Albert Ford. Joined force 4th May 1914 and posted to Fairford in the same year specifically to guard the church windows against the suffragettes. Enlisted in the Forces 5th May 1915. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 418)
Police controlling Cheltenham food queues 19 January 1918 this was as a result of rationing during the First World War. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2613)
Police Constable Morton Fluck on duty controlling a queue in Southgate Street Gloucester with the Bell Hotel in the background. The queue are recipients of the Mayors fund, thought to be in December 1921. The unemployed waiting for a hand out of food for Christmas in the old Corn Exchange building behind the Southgate Street Post Office. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1197)
Thanks to Tony Conder for the additional information
Chief Constable Stanley Clarke with an inspector and a member of the motor patrol or might that be his driver ? Thought to be late 1920s. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 9033)
Road accident at Norton in May 1926 showing, at top right, Police Constable 126 Tom Pittaway (father of Derek & Pat Pittaway, later members of the Constabulary) and Police Sergeant No 364 Wilkes. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1465)
Police Officer King Street Stroud. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2629)
Police officer on Cheltenham High Street. Tram the only vehicle in sight. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2614)
Police Constables Culverwell and Creed on patrol in the 1920s? (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2115)
Cheltenham Grammar School for police exams July 1923. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1436)
Cheltenham Chronicle and Gloucester Graphic
Two prisoners handcuffed together committed for trial at Gloucester Quarter Sessions being taken to the Great Western Railway Station Cheltenham on the way to Gloucester prison on Thursday September 30 1926. The prisoner on the left is Richard Claremont (19). He was sentenced to 5 years penal servitude for being caught with house breaking instruments and an automatic pistol and a magazine of cartridges. He was convicted of eight charges of house breaking when he was only thirteen years old. The prisoner on the right is Peter Dunne (56). He was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour for the theft of a silver cigarette lighter worth £1 along with 2 shillings in money belonging to Mr. Scott Cooper - Jeweller of the Promenade. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 3601)
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  • PC 139 Ford may not have survived the Great War, when i visited Thiepval there were two E fords from the Glos regiment commemorated there
    only one had an address listed

    By russell glen (02/12/2018)

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