The Day Job Could Not Be Done Without Police Staff, Civilian Workers and Volunteers.

Headquarters staff in 1920 outside New Court Police Headquarters, Lansdown Rd. Cheltenham. Back Row left to right; Police Constables Crouch, Jotcham, Orderly Keyse, Police Constables Lippett, Wynniatt. Middle row left to right: Miss Watts, Police Constables Williams, Large, Woman Police Constable Hagley, Police Constables Wakefield, Birchard, Miss Stowell. Seated left to right: Police Sergeant T.A. James, Inspector J Evans, Superintendent J.B. Biggs, Chief Superintendent Cooke, Inspector A. Sainsbury,Police Sergeants J.A. Price, G. Pugh. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 116)
Cheltenham Chronicle and Gloucester Graphic
Headquarters staff 1932-33. Back row: Police Constable H. Boucher, Police Constable Robinson, Police Sergeant A. Newman, Police Sergeant A.H. Carter (later Deputy Chief Constable,) Police Constable Hamilton, Police Constable Oakley, Detective Constable Walkley. Front row: Detective Sergeant A. Hancock, Hilda Spooner (Typist), Deputy Chief Constable Goulder, Chief Superintendent A. Sainsbury, Florence Ford (Typist,) Detective Inspector J. Green. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 84)
Gloucester City Civil Defence Incident Officers - mixture of police and civilians. Front row left to right: R.A. Sweet; Police Sergeant Harry Olpin; P.D. Clarke; Dr H.J. Larcombe; H.H. Jones; J.W. Seel; C.R. Gabb. Second row left to right: F.R. Ware; Police Constable F.R.W. Marsh; H .Wardle; Police Constable F. Grinnell; G. Dallard; Police Constable W.H. Tilling; V.E. Connor; Police Constable A. Smith; E.W. Walker. Third row Left to right: B.V. Charrison; J.H. Cooper; S.W. Harvey; A.E. Fey; Hager; R.S. Griffiths; J. Riley. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 1702)
Motorcycle workshops (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2457)
Photograph from an old negative
Cheltenham Division Office Staff Police Constables Francis and McMahon with two civilian staff 1957. The lady in front of Len Francis is Babs who he later married. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 1068 )
Headquarters Information Room Cheltenham showing Sylvia Wheatley (radio operator) at console. 1960. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 1172)
Headquarters Information Room Cheltenham showing Inspector Reg Johnson 1960. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 1171)
Motorcycle mechanic at motorcycle workshops. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 1884)
Police Motorcycle Workshops at Police Headquarters. showing 2 Ariel Leaders (2 stroke twin) and 1 Velocette LE (water cooled four stroke) motorcycles 1960. Stuart Purves left, Ron Hyett right. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1168)
Police Vehicle Workshops at Cole Avenue Gloucester. Shows staff at work on Austin Westminster Patrol cars, Austin 1100 Panda cars and Hillman Minx car (Criminal Investigation Department) 1960. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1166)
1974 traffic wardens outside the ABC Cinema in Cheltenham. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 10613)
Thank you to Martyn Hillier
Retired Motor cycle Workshop Foreman Mike Rowles at Tetbury Museum with police Velocette motorcycle which he had restored. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 1462 )
Mrs Pat Stanton Central Ticket Office Supervisor at Central Ticket Office Barton Street. 1980s. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 681 )
Mrs Ann Durn civilian clerk at Gloucester Police workshops Cole Avenue 1980s. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 614)
Presentation of Civilian Long Service Awards. Left to right Miss P. Tracey (Headquarters), Mr Colin Hay (Chair of Police Committee), Mrs M. Parker ( Gloucester), Chief Constable Soper, Mrs P. Rees (Cirencester). (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 443)
A flood in Headquarters stores. Left to right Les Gwilliam, Force Tailor, Martin Gardner Senior Administration Officer, Ken the handyman ! ( he was only ever known as “Ken the handyman” !! The cigarette was ever present) Last, but not least. Mr Horace Tallis, Headquarters storeman for many years. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2211)
Photograph from Martyn Hillier
The day we put the 4 new (first) BMWs on the road, in 1976. Mr Bill Bacon, of the HOWMU ! It was always called Radio Workshops, but any official correspondence was always to the Home Office Wireless Maintenance Unit. Bill fitted radios to the cars and bikes. From left Bill Bacon, Police Constables Andy Hampton, Martyn Hillier and Traffic Sergeant Ken Hughes. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2210)
Photograph from Martyn Hillier
Mike Rowles, then the Motorcycle Workshop foreman, with one of the BMW R75/7s purchased in 1977. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2270)
Photograph from Martyn Hillier
Headquarters Canteen staff; Christine Shill; Eileen Hazel; Gwen Tarren; Dorothy Keenan; Jesse Scarrett; Nan Powell 1980. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 282-2)
Firearms administration staff Muriel Hubbard and Beryl Farmer 1980. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 282-1)
Senior Admin Officer Martyn Gardner 1980. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 282)
Admin centre staff; Anne Trower; Margaret Jones 1980. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 282(4))
Force Welfare Officer [retired Police Sergeant] Ronald Spencer, George Medal, on the occasion of the award of his Order of the British Empire in autumn 1985. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 465)
Gloucester Traffic Wardens issued with mopeds to patrol outskirts of the City. Left to right Liz Harris, Lynne Higgs, Jill Peart. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 530 )
Training Department Staff, Wilton House, Cheltenham, thought to be 1999. Left to right: Police Constable Chris Perrett; Police Constable Paresh Bhadeshia; Erica Bullock; Clare James; Police Constable Alan Bartholomew; Police Constable John Squires; Mick Blackford; Police Constable Mark Wood; Inspector Charlie Thomas; Baljeet Mann; Richard Allen; Police Constable Judith Davies; Police Sergeant Phil Offord; Police Sergeant Lyn Vanstone; Police Constable Steve Willis; Derek Arnold; Jan Patten; Police Constable Wayne Wright; Anne Griffin; Police Constable Dave Webb; Police Constable Chris Ellis; Police Constable Byron Chandler; Police Constable Keith Buggins; Police Constable Adrian Mansell; Shane Wood kneeling. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1993)
Early 1990s - new workshops open at Bamfurlong Left to right: Superintendent Joe Skipsey,Mike Barwick (Fleet Manager) Clive Morefield, Mike Rowles, Paul Elston, Peter Davies, Mrs Pam Emmet, Rob Stanley, John Arscott, Rod Stone, Dennis Woodward, Pat Harris, Brian Curtis and Len Whitty. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2271)
Photograph from Martyn Hillier
Force Archive Group on a visit to Tetbury Police Museum. Left to right Jim Taylor; Alan Bobs; David Smeeton; Graham Murdock; Bob Parker; Geoff Sindrey. The two in the background are museum staff volunteers. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 1609 )
David Cameron, Prime Minister, visiting Tri-Service Control Room during the 2014 Floods talking to Force Control Room Supervisor Ginny Maslin. Also in photograph Superintendent Gary Thompson and Assistant Chief Constable Kevin Lambert. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1855-1)
Road Safety Partnership 2014. (Gloucestershire Police Archive URN 1856)

The police force has always had civilian staff from typists to mechanics from canteen staff to post room staff with many more roles between.

Interestingly in the early days Police wives did a lot of unpaid work for the constabulary. Police officers were required to live in the place where they worked so their wives  (who were not allowed to work until 1940) were expected to answer the telephone, and take reports at the door if their husband was out. It is believed that they also did matron duties when there were female prisoners.


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