War in South Africa

Soldiers serving in South Africa 1899-1902 thought to include Gloucestershire Police officers.
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2231)

War in South Africa


List of members of the Gloucestershire Constabulary called up who belonged to the Army Reserve or who were on Working Furlough

Showing the officers who left the constabulary to serve in the war in South Africa. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 10896)

No.NameLeft Force to Rejoin the ArmyRejoined Police ForceLeft Force 2nd time to rejoin the ArmyRejoined Police ForceWarrant No. Period  Absent from Police Force 
1John W Greengrass1st Jan 19004th Feb 19001st Mar 19005th Dec 190135251 yr 313 days
2Alfred Henry Hayward-1st Jan 1900-do-1st Aug 19007th July 190233712 yrs 9 days
3Henry T Wasley-1st Jan 1900-do-347434 days
4William Fowler1st Jan 190025th Feb 1900334155 days
5Charles Cook1st Jan 19003454Will not rejoin
6William J White1st Jan 19001st Mar 19001st Aug 19001st Sept 190234322yrs 90 days
7Edwin J Jackson1st Jan 190021st Aug 190234992yrs 232 days
8Charles J Toomey18th Nov 18991st Jan 190234722yrs 44 daysResigned14th Aug 1902
9Donald Dow11th Oct 18993504Died 30th Aug 1901
10George Hodgkins13th Oct 18993570This man was sentenced to 2 yrs imprisonment
11Charles E Gardner10th Oct 18991st Aug 190235542yrs 295 days
12William Griffiths15th Nov 189911th Aug 190235512yrs 269 days
13Joseph W Jones10th Oct 18993567Will not rejoin – letter attached to candidates form
14John Davies3rd Nov 18991st Dec 190035531yrs 28 days
15William Loveday12th Oct 18991st Aug 190235752yrs 304 days
16John E Hailstone10th Oct 18993574Will not rejoin
17James Stanley5th Dec 189915th Oct 190235522yrs 314 days
18Alfred W Griffiths1st April 190220th Aug 19023753141 days
19Charles Jackson3rd April 19023665Will not rejoin – going to be married
20William Yeatman3rd April 190212th Aug 19023663131 days
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