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  • URN10308. These are Morris Marina vans, not Ford Escorts

    By Colin Marttin (27/07/2021)
  • 10370 is a West Yorkshire Range Rover.

    By Karl Dillon (11/02/2021)
  • Vehicle is parked outside Stonehouse Police Station in the main street.

    By Colin Manton (27/09/2020)
  • 10368 definitely John Lane….joined the Cadets with John and pretty sure his uniform number was 1011 or very close to that..

    By Martin Sullivan (01/05/2020)
  • Urn 10366 is Pc Keith ‘Ernie’ Wilson.

    By John Lane (12/03/2020)
  • 10374 Agree with Martin Sullivan. The rider is Brian Ireland, possibly Tivoli area of Cheltenham.

    By Colin Manton (29/02/2020)
  • 10368 The rider is possibly John Lane. Making a visit to Bamfurlong around the time of it opening late 1978.

    By Colin Manton (29/02/2020)
  • urn 10368
    Pc John Lane

    By Bob Addis (29/02/2020)
  • URN 10347 Pete Maunder

    By Les Abbott (17/02/2020)
  • URN 10348
    This would have been 1974. It is at the rear yard entrance to Talbot House.
    The saloons replaced the previous Escort Panda Vans mid 1974.

    By Les Abbott (17/02/2020)
  • URN 10369
    This would be one of The ‘Task Force’ vans as it has the red stripe and bigger blue light fitted. I think it is the Northern Division van

    By Les Abbott (17/02/2020)
  • 10355 Agree with Ken Jones, it’s Tony Whitehouse. Now in his 80’s. Spoke with him at last traffic reunion. 10373 Fred Price and Hamish Pirie.

    By Colin Manton (16/02/2020)
  • 10355 Tony Whitehouse ?

    By Ken Jones (19/01/2020)
  • Urn10355 Benny Goodman?

    By Martin Sullivan (06/01/2020)
  • Urn10374 Brian Ireland?
    Urn10355 Benny Goodman?

    By Martin Sullivan (06/01/2020)

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