Early Rooms

Dave Webb

Headquarters Information Room 1957.
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 643)

An Inspector, Sergeant and Police Constable and another officer in Information room.
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2469)

Visitors to the control room in the original Holland House after the cadet inspection 1960s.
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 10722-1)

Headquarters Information Room – believed to be during the 1950s at Holland House Cheltenham. Police Constable Dick Brett in Foreground.
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 631)

Force Information Room in 1964
Police Sergeant C. J. Davis and two unknown staff.
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 204)

When this photograph appeared on another page we had the following comments.

  • Jim Davis was the Inspector at Thornbury in the 1960’s when my father Sargent Denis Cason was working for him. He was a man with real authority and a good friend of my fathers.


    By John Cason (09/12/2021)
  • I can’t comment on the year, but it’s Sgt Claude (Jim) Davis all right. Jim would have been 100 this year. Perhaps 40yrs ago he told me he was Sgt at Fairford during the ‘big freeze’ winter of 1962/3, and I know by the late 1960s he was a Chief Inspector at Kingswood. My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that he was about 40 when the picture taken in what is clearly a much older building than Holland House.


    By John Jenkins (20/12/2020)
  • Before 1964 without a doubt.


    By Neville Richards (17/12/2020)


1960S Headquarters Control Room. The officer facing camera may be Dave Thompson.
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 10892-1)

1960S Headquarters Control Room
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 10892)

Cadet Neville Richards in Information Room.
(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 10902)

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  • Posted on behalf of Ron Evans: I worked with Insp Jim Davis and Sgt Denis Cason at Thornbury station in the early 1960s. Insp Davis was a good boxer and took no nonsense if there was any trouble at pub turning out time. Denis was great to work with. We had to attend a particularly harrowing traffic accident with 2 fatalities and I always recall Denis asking ‘Are you OK?’ I replied ‘Yes, Sgt’ and it meant a lot to me that he asked.

    By Elaine Cadman-Cramp (11/02/2022)

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