Default and Commendation Book 1870-1920 3

Defaults or punishments from the past

Constable Strange March 1880. Talking to a servant girl when on night duty. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7932)
Francis Henry Biggs September 1886. Guilty of cowardly conduct. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7933)
Mark Higgins July 1883. Throwing things out of a Police Station window into a crowd.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7934)
Mark Cove October 1886. Breach of discipline. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7935)
Walter Wright September 1889. For being in a brothel with a prostitute while on night duty. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7941)
Edgar Limbrick August 1903. For stealing apples from a garden. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7940)
Francis Clutterbuck August 1887. Handcuffing a woman and then allowing her to go home. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7939)
Frederick Fruin December 1887. Being improperly intimate with a widow. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7938)
George Baynham November 1886. Disobedience of orders having a girl in the guardroom.(Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7937)
Walter Dowling March 1891. Joining the police as a single man when he was in fact married. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7936)
Charles Trapp June 1901. Being under the influence of drink and fighting with another Police Constable. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7947)
Thomas Paker October 1891. Being in a house with a married woman living apart from her husband. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7946)
Thomas Hayward June 1879. Telling falsehoods when summoned before the magistrates. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7945)
Harry Swanborough September 1903. For attending a market in plainclothes and smoking on duty. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7944)
Constable Kear May 1881. Seducing a girl. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7943)
W Jackson May 1890. Using indecent language before females. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 7942)
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