60th Anniversary of Gloucestershire Police Rugby Football Club 2

Police rugby team - charity match between Cheltenham police and St Gregory's at the Athletics Ground. Police Constable Harry Olpin back row, second player from the left. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1703)
Cheltenham Police Rugby team in benefit match for the unemployed, 1923 - shows Police Constable FF Taylor in back row sixth from left. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 566)
British Police Rugby Union team versus the Army in 1928. Shows Police Constable F. F. Taylor seated in centre row seventh from left. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 567)
Lydney Rugby Football Club 1928/29 which includes Police Officers - Back row left to right No.6 Police Constable Fitzroy Frederick Taylor, No.8.Superintendent John Shellswell. Middle row left to right No.1.Police Constable Frank Morris. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 590)
Gloucestershire Constabulary members of Lydney Rugby Club Back row left to right Superintendent J.Shellswell MBE, Chairman; Police Sergeant Wilks, Secretary; Front row left to right Police Constables F. Morris; F. Taylor, captain; D. Anderson (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1175)
Gloucestershire Constabulary Rugby Football Team late 1940s. Standing left to right Fred Harris, Don Anderson, unknown, Police Constables Cyril Thomas; Reg Mathews, Cam Willett; Jim Hopkins; Ken Wakefield; Alan Smith, Peter Blake; Bill Rowlands. Reg Townsend; Cyril Clarke; unknown; Don Trapp. Front row left to right - Gordon Shellswell; Harry Gribble; Colonel Henn , A H Carter, Frank Coombes; Jack Watkins. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1126)
Gloucestershire Police Rugby team with Gloucester Rugby teamshows left to right in white shirts Jack Adshead; Don Anderson; Paul Foice; John Terry; unknown; unknown; Jesse Owner unknown; Cornelius Baldwin; unknown; unknown; unknown;also W. Hart. Pictured on lower step is Police Constable Jack Watkins in Gloucester team 11th from left (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 793)
Gloucestershire Police rugby team Back row left to right : Reg Townsend; Fred Statham; unknown. Middle row left to right: Man in hat unknown; Superintendent Gordon Shellswell; A. Cleveland, unknown, Harry Drinkwater(?); 2 unknown, E.L. Wheeler, W. Hart, Man in Hat unknown; Front Row: 3rd from left: G. Merry, A.W. Hopkins, Albert Coulston, Others in the picture may be F. Morris A.J. Lambert, R.Townsend, A. Rogers, Wicks, H.Pitts, F. Taylor (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1284)
Gloucester Police Rugby team. Back row left to right - A. T. Voyce; Police Constables Hayward; Morris; Hyam; Detective Constable Hart; Police Constables Grinnell; Creed; Lodge; Inspector Williams; A.W. Hopkins. Middle Row left to right Deputy Chief Constable A. W. Hopkins; Police Constables Willmott; S. Smith; Dobbs; Gladwell; Crowther; Morse; Hicks; C.E. Gardner, Mayor. Front row Police Constables Greenslade; Hancock. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1283)
Gloucestershire Police rugby team. Back Row left to right: Chief Superintendent F Statham, Superintendent J Hallam, Police Constables Reg Matthews, Cambell Willetts, Don Anderson, Cyril Thomas, Alan Smith, Fred Harris, Reg Townsend, unknown, Inspector L Ryland, Police Constable Peter Blake, Detective Superintendent A Hancock, Chief Superintendent WE Wakefield, Middle Row left to right: Police Constables John Morrison, Jim Hopkins, Detective Constable Frank Coombes, Police Constables K Hudman, Brian Marshall, Front Row Left to Right: Police Constable Eric Viles, Gordon Parker, Police Constable Bill Jelf. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1401)
Gloucestershire Police Lydney rugby team. Standing left to right -Superintendent Shellswell; Police Sergeant Wilkes. Seated left to right - Police Constables Morris; Taylor; (Captain); Anderson (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1335)
Gloucestershire Police rugby match T. Jones; K. Hudman (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1328)
Gloucestershire Police Rugby team.v. Worcestershire 1950. Back row left to right - William Hart; A. Hancock; John Hatton; William (Bill) Jelf; John Watkins; C. Willett; unknown; Cyril Thomas; William (Bill) Rowlands; Peter (Nomper) Blake; Assistant Chief Constable A. H. Carter; Chief Superintendent Wakefield. Front row - Kenneth Hudman; J. Hopkins; unknown; G. Parker; Harold Gribble; Frank Coombes; Gordon Shellswell. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1326)
Gloucestershire Police Rugby team. Standing left to right - . Anderson; A. V. Hancock; Peter Blake; J. Hopkins; Reginald Matthews; I Jones;K. Tuck; C. Thomas; W. Rowlands; G. Miles; T. Jones; Assistant Chief Constable A. H. Carter; Sidney Dangerfield. Front row; unknown. Barton. Frank Coombes; K. Clark; Harold Gribble; P. Allen; David Webley. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1325)
7 a side rugby team Standing left to right Police Constables Bert Kingscote; Cecil Birch; unknown; unknown; unknown; Front row second left - Police Constable Eric Sandells. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1292)
Gloucestershire Police Rugby Team around 1950. Back Row left to right Chief Superintendent F Statham, SuperintendentJ Hallam, Pc Reg Matthews, Police Constable Cambell Willetts, Police Constable s Don Anderson, Cyril Thomas, Alan Smith, Fred Harris, Reg Townsend, unknown, Inspector L Ryland, Police Constable Peter Blake, Detective Superintendent A Hancock, unknown, Middle Row left to right: Police Constables John Morrison, J Hopkins, Detective Constable Frank Coombes, Police Constables K Hudman, Brian Marshall, Front Row left to right: Police Constables Eric Viles, Gordon Parker, Bill Jelf. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 611)
Programme for the Rugby match between British Police and the Royal Air Force 15 January 1953 R Watkins of Gloucestershire police listed as a front-row forward. Score was possibly 17 - 10 to the RAF (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2045)
Gloucestershire Constabulary Rugby Football Team 1957/58 Back Row Lleft to right : T Jones; G Eliason; R Parfitt; Don Trapp Middle row: M Endy; Don Say; E Watkins; John Day; Peter Scott; G Hodder; W Whitmore; A Smith Front Row: Athur Harris; David Jones; C Thomas; Colonel Henn (Chief Constable); John Watkins; Assistant Chief Constable; R Willetts; Michael Ruddy; J Terry; Robert Price; Ronald Pearce (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1206)
Gloucestershire Police Rugby Team 1957-58 Sitting Left to right: Bob Price ), Roger Pearce Front Row left to right : Fred (Alfred G) (Bomber) Harris; David Jones; Cyril Thomas; Chief Constable Henn; Jack Watkins (captain); deputy Chief Constable A H Carter ; R Willetts; unknown ; Jack Terry; Second row let to right : unknown; Don Say; Graham Watkins; John Day; Peter Scott : Gerald Hodder; unknown; unknown. Back Row L-R: Trevor Jones; ?; Bob Parfitt; Don Trapp (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1318)
Rugby football match Police Constables R. Price and G. Hodder (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1324)
Gloucestershire Constabulary rugby team early 1960s. Back row left to right: Trevor Jones; Harold Gribble; John Day; Campbell Willett; Roy Watkins; Don Say; John Pocket; Jerald Hodder; Ken Hudman; Peter Scott; Don Anderson; Front row left to right : David Jones; Rowland Willetts; unknown; Roger Pearce; John Watkins; Bob Parfitt; Robert Price; unknown. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2405)
Force Rugby Team Back row left to right : Jim Hopkins, Alan Smith, Reg Matthews, Cyril Thomas, Jack Watkins, Fred Harris, Ken Hudman, Bill Jelf Front row left to right : unknown, Pete Allen, Bill Rowlands, Harry Gribble, Gordon Shellswell, Cam Willet, Frank Coombes (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1758)
Gloucestershire Police Rugby team Back row left to right : Ivor Jones unknown; K Tuck; W (Bill) Jelf; Alan Wadley; Cam Willets; S Miles; P. White. Front row left to right: M Webley; Frank Coombes; Sid Dangerfield; Harry Gribble; J Jones; J Hopkins; R Parfitt (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1425)
Police Rugby Team 1970s Back row left to right: George Vaile; Tiddy Ferris; Kevan (Kiwi) Price (Gloucestershire); Wayne Murdock (Gloucestershire); Hopson (Gloucestershire); Gilbert Jenkins (Gloucestershire); Donald Wyman (Gloucestershire); Peter Stubbs. Front row left to right: unknown; unknown; Ray Hopkins (Gloucestershire); Brian Absalom ); Peter McKenna (Gloucestershire); Pat Eliis (Gloucestershire) Brian Holtham; (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1864)
Police Constables Richard Jardine and John Fidler holding the John Player cup for rugby, both played for Gloucester. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1223)
Extract from force magazine Plea for more players for the force rugby team. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 6915)
Gloucestershire Constabulary Rugby Players reunion - 150th anniversary. Past players 1960 - 1970: Back row left to right: Richard Jardine; D Turner; Nigel Francis; Eric Powell; Cyril Smith; Richard Hall; Bob Creed; Peter Shayle; Martyn Cambridge; Barry Williams; Terry Keyse; David Brookes; Alan Pocket; Front row left to right; Terry Short; David Ainge; Michael Pennington; Wyn Morris; Deputy Chief Constable Lou Whitton; David Price; Peter Sharpe; Ken Jones; A Maunder (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1860)
Gloucestershire Constabulary Rugby team playing the Gloucestershire Regiment team 1980. Officers in photo left to right - Police Constables Paul Smithson, Michael Francis, Ron Etheridge (Captain). (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1205)
Gloucestershire Constabulary Rugby Football Team playing in Bermuda during their tour in 1982 Officers in photo - Michael Francis (carrying the ball), left to right Jerry Herniman , Glyn Radcliffe, unknown, Johm Fidler, Paul Gale (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1202)
Gloucester Constabulary Rugby Football Club Bermuda Tour 1982 - Tour Party Profile. Gives names and details of team members Tour Party consisted of Donald Wyman, Clive Field, Peter Sharpe, Patrick Hatcher, Terence Short, Jerry Herniman, Ronald Etheridge, Robert Champion, Michael A H Jones, David McFarlane, Royston H Hopson, Wynstone Morris, Eric Woodmason, Robin Yates, Paul M Smithson, Paul D Gale, Glyndwr Radcliffe, Gareth D Power, Keith Richards, David Stalker, Geoffrey R Brookes, Michael Francis, John H Fidler, Roger S Turley, Mark Gimson, Michael J Beer, Brian Chandler, John Fryer (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 1201)
Chief Constable LAG Soper with members of the Force Rugby Team before the Rugby Tour of Bermuda Feb 1982 Back Row left to right : Paul Smithson, Brian Chandler, Mark Gimson Win Morris, Robin Yates, Paul Gale, Mike Jones ,Gary Power. Roger Turley Middle row: Glyn Radcliffe, Dave McFarlane, Mike Beer, John Fidler, Mike Francis, Geoff Brooks, Dave Stalker, Keith Richards, Eric Woodmason, Roy Hopson, Harry Champion Front row: Pat Hatcher, Pete Sharpe, Don Wyman, LAG Soper, Jerry Herniman, Clive Field, Terry Short, Ron Etheridge. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 358)
Retirement of PC J. Fidler Left to right Police Constable J. Fidler; Mrs Fidler; Chief Superintendent P. Dadge and Assistant Chief Constable H. Reynolds Police Constable Fiddler won an English Rugby Cap and retired on ill-health in 1985 (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 427)
Gloucestershire Constabulary 150th Anniversary event - Gloucester Rugby Football Club versus The British Police XV at Kingsholm, Gloucester on the 4th October, 1989 (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 542)
Rugby team(s) competing - Gloucester Rugby Club v British Police as part of Gloucestershire Constabulary 150th anniversary event 4.10.1989. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 545)
Tag-rugby training at Cinderford Rugby Football Club to allow officers to go into primary schools and engage with young people. This was in Spring 2010. Organised by Police Constable Duncan Sleeman Left to right standing; unknown, Police Community Support Officer Helen Devlin, Police Community Support Officer Dawn Teague, Police Community Support Officer Louise Borg-Littleton, Police Community Support Officer Lucy Webb, Police Community Support Officer Claire Long, Police Constable David Reynolds, Mike Panahoe Cinderford Rugby Football Club (Community coach) , Police Community Support Officer Sue Pritchard, Police Community Support Officer Nick Jones, Police Constable Duncan Sleeman, Damian (Street Warden Forest of Dean District Council) Police Community Support Officer Dan Wilce Kneeling: Police Community Support Officer Sean Clarke, Nick Brain (Street warden Forest of Dean District Council),Police Community Support Officer James Perarce, Jon Cooke (Street Warden Forest of Dean District Council. (Gloucestershire Police Archives URN 2143)
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    I believe standing, second from right, is P.C Stan Messam (my late uncle)
    He also appears in an archive photo of the tug of war team.

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