Joseph William Parry Goulder

Chief Superintendent and Deputy Chief Constable

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Joining book entry for 1898 which includes JWP Goulder (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10077)
Joseph William Parry Goulder as a young man. Born 25th August 1876, joined Gloucestershire Constabulary 1st May 1898 Warrant number 3524 Collar number 322. pensioned 31st December 1945. Achieved the rank of Chief Superintendent and Deputy Chief Constable. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10029)
Joseph WP Goulder as a police constable, on the left, with another, possibly more senior, officer - 1898-1901 in Cheltenham. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 1863-1)
Joseph WP Goulder as a police constable with 10 year stripe, at Staple Hill 1906. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 1863-2)
Staple Hill Police Station (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10032)
Wedding of JWP Goulder and Olive Gertrude Levette. They were married on 26th February 1906 in St Matthews Church Nottingham . She was working at the time in Didsbury, Manchester, in the Chorlton Union Workhouse. (actually at the time when Emmeline Pankhurst was the Registrar of Births Marriages and Deaths) Olive had worked in Cheltenham and Dursley workhouses before that. The couple were thought to have been introduced by Superintendent Hopkins. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10031)
Joseph and Olive Goulder with their sons Joseph Lovell Goulder born 29th November 1906 in Downend and George Edward Goulder born 21st September 1909 Downend. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10033)
Main Street Chipping Sodbury 1921. This car was thought to be a present from his mother, Eliza, on his promotion to Superintendent.The car cost £100. In the car his wife Olive and also pictured his sons Joseph Lovell Goulder 15 and George Edward Goulder 12. The photograph was taken outside Hartley House where they lived in the main street in Chipping Sodbury. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10034)
Market Day in Chipping Sodbury 1920s also showing the police station. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10035)
Service Record of JWP Goulder . (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10076)
Service Record of JWP Goulder (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10076-1)
Gloucestershire Police Station Crescent Place Cheltenham. This was opposite the old Headquarters building before the move to New Court Lansdown Road Cheltenham in 1919. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10030)
Superintendent A. Sainsbury; Deputy Chief Constable A. W. Hopkins; Chief Constable Maj. F. L. Stanley-Clarke OBE; Chief Superintendent R. H. Hopkins; Superintendent J. W. P. Goulder. This would have been before 1931 which was when Deputy Chief Constable Hopkins retired. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 1212)
Superintendent Goulder at the scene of a railcrash thought to be Charfield 1928. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10063)
JWP Goulder tending to his beloved garden. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10051)
This visit took place in September 1928 where David Lloyd George addressed a large crowd in the playground of the Grammar School. Superintendent Goulder on the right of the photograph. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10037)
Visit of Winston Churchill to Gloucestershire thought to be 1928. Superintendent Goulder to the left of the photograph (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10036)
Calling card from Chief Superintendent Goulder. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10066)
JWP Goulder and two Police Officers with a lady and a dog. This may be related to URN 9816 Mrs Michael Sadleir with two of her bloodhounds which have been used for police work. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10060)
JWP Goulder during what appears to be a royal visit. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10059)
JWP Goulder on duty at the races. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10056)
This report comes from the Citizen on October 8th 1928. The Sultan of Muscat, who is making tour of the British Isles, included Cheltenham in his itinerary, though only staying a night in the town. His Highness left Stratford on-Avon shortly after 6.30 on Saturday evening, and at about seven o'clock was met at the summit of Cleeve Hill by Superintendent Goulder, who escorted him and his suite, riding in motor-cars, down the hill and through the town to the Queen's Hotel, where dinner was at once served, and where the distinguished guest and his retinue' were accommodated for the night. On Sunday morning the Sultan was up betimes, and about 9.30 he left in his car to proceed, via Oxford, to the Woodlands, Clapham, Bedfordshire, as the guest of Major- General Percy Zechariah Cox, C.M.G.. who was British consul and political agent Muscat between the years 1899 and 1904. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10055)
Chief Constable Major FL Stanley-Clarke with Deputy Chief Constable Joseph WP Goulder. This would have been between 1935 when Deputy Chief Constable Goulder was promoted Deputy Chief Constable and 1937 when Chief Constable Stanley Clarke retired. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 1488)
Chief Superintendent Goulder with another senior officer thought to be Chief Superintendent Price. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10054)
Joiners photograph taken at the back of Headquarters Chief Constable Stanley Clark, Deputy Chief Constable Goulder. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10041)
Joiners photograph with Deputy Chief Constable Goulder in centre. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10039)
Joiners photograph with Chief Constable Stanley Clark, Deputy Chief Constable Goulder. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10038)
Deputy Chief Constable Goulder with his granddaughter Olive. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10078)
Page of pocket book belonging to JWP Goulder showing a picture of a cat drawn to amuse his granddaughter Olive. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10043)
Group of medals belonging to Deputy Chief Constable JWP Goulder Jubilee medal, 1935 Coronation Medal 1937 Kings Police Medal. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10042)
Group of medals belonging to Deputy Chief Constable JWP Goulder Jubilee medal, 1935 Coronation Medal 1937 Kings Police Medal (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10042-1)
Award of Kings police medal to Deputy Chief Constable JWP Goulder 1944. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10044)
Chief Superintendent and Deputy Chief Constable Goulder at Cheltenham . (Gloucestershire Police Archives 1863-6)
Joseph WP Goulder with medals including Kings Police Medal. He was awarded the Kings police medal in 1944 and retired in 1945. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 1863-7)
Clock presented to Chief Superintendent JWP Goulder Deputy Chief Constable by his fellow superintendents 31st December 1945. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10045)
This shop belonged to Joseph Lovell Goulder the son of Deputy Chief Constable Goulder and was at 90 The Promenade Cheltenham. This site is now occupied by Reiss. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10067)
Deputy Chief Constable Goulder with his family after his retirement. (Gloucestershire Police Archives 10049)

Joseph William Parry Goulder served between 1898  and 1945, he rose to the rank of Chief Superintendent and Deputy Chief Constable which was a joint rank at that time. 


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  • Having looked through my father’s notebooks an entry caught my eye, regarding Ex Deputy Chief Constable Goulder,he reported to Tutshill Police Station and my father a young Constable took details down, that a Mr Goulder ex officer of Gloucestershire Police, had complained of kids mucking about in Woodcroft. This was duly reported and action taken, the lads were 13,1 and 15 does this sound like the kids of today?

    By Geoff Bridgman (02/05/2022)
  • Thank you for this page. It carries many reminders of the life and service of a very much loved man who was my grandfather.

    By Vicky Hughes (16/07/2019)

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